What To Wear For Yoga Male – Yoga Clothing Tips For Men

What To Wear For Yoga Male

Back then, yoga was specified for women around us, or it’s better to say that it was a belief many of us had that yoga worked for women only. However, it is not true because male yoga is an excellent step toward a peaceful life. It even assists them in losing or gaining weight or muscle, providing them with a productive life. Choosing the right outfit for men’s yoga is a challenging task. Here are some suggestions on what to wear for yoga males in depth.

The outfit is a vital part of our look because it eventually shows our entire selves and speaks about us. Choosing might sound very easy, similar to just shopping for everyday clothes, but the difficulty comes when you decide what kind of men’s yoga attire works well.

What To Wear For Yoga Male

Gym Clothes Vs. Yoga Clothes

If you are a man who likes to keep fit, you may wonder what the difference is between men’s gym clothes and yoga clothes. Ultimately, both types of clothing are designed to be comfortable and allow the wearer to move freely.

The main difference between gym clothes and yoga clothes is the material. Synthetic polyester is usually used in gym clothes because it wicks away sweat and dries quickly. In contrast, yoga clothes are typically made of natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo, which are more breathable and allow the skin to breathe and move freely.

Another difference is the fit. Gym clothes are usually more fitted to allow a full range of motion, while yoga clothes are more relaxed to allow you to move and stretch easily.

What Is Proper Yoga Attire For Men?

What Is Proper Yoga Attire

Not to discriminate, but most yoga students are women, so it’s easier to tell what a woman can wear, but yoga apparel for men might require a little effort.

To start with, you must choose whatever you feel comfortable in, but remember not to go with your weight-lifting shorts because you will spend your entire time fixing your clothes instead of practicing yoga poses. Most yoga, even male yoga, includes many poses you have to bend, such as the child pose or the downward bending pose. So the proper yoga outfit for men includes leggings or shorts that let you bend without trouble. It even lets you stretch with ease. Men’s yoga tops must be very tight-fitting so that it’s comfortable to work out in. You need to check the fit because if men’s yoga leggings are loose, they will scribble up and disturb your entire yoga session.

The Importance Of Wearing Proper Yoga Clothes

The Importance Of Wearing Proper Yoga Clothes

The Importance Of Wearing Proper Yoga Clothes are discussed below:

  • Makes You Feel Better: When you wear comfortable clothes, you enjoy yoga. Attractive clothes make you want to do more.
  • Short Bottoms Are Trouble:: If you wear short bottoms to the yoga class, you will be pulling them to their place after every 2 minutes and will waste your time.
  • Loose Clothes Distract You: If you wear loose clothes, they do not stay in place and show your skin. You spend most of the time making sure your body isn’t visible. It even helps the person guiding you to see your body’s alignment and check your body shape properly  
  • Avoid Fancy Clothes: If you wear clothes with buttons and zips, you might get hurt when you lay on them. They even cause trouble while bending or moving in between poses. This will again keep you uncomfortable the entire time.
  • Sweat: If you wear a fabric that gets wet quickly, you will stay uncomfortable the entire time and unable to concentrate.    
  • Move Around Easily: The right men’s yoga leggings will help you move around quickly, and you can practice your poses comfortably for a longer time.
  • Posture: This even helps you choose the following posture and flexibility. 

What Do Guys Wear To Do Yoga? Some Outfit Ideas

What Do Guys Wear To Do Yoga Some Outfit Ideas


There are a few men’s yoga t-shirts and tank tops, but you must wear 100% cotton, natural, or synthetic fibre.

Cotton Tops

Cotton tops are very cozy, and they keep you warm. Tops made up of cotton are not the best choice for hot yoga guys or if you live in hot cities because they soak up a person’s sweat quite quickly, which leads to unease during the practice.

Synthetic Fiber Top

The tops of synthetic fibre tend to sweat away and are lighter than cotton. Cotton tops are preferred when the weather is cooler. You can easily wash them; they would dry up quickly and prove durable.

T-Shirts For Yoga

The Yoga guy prefers a loose-fitting t-shirt—something comfortable and breathable that doesn’t restrict your poses and keeps you covered. In a nutshell, choose a nice shirt that lasts longer.

Tank Tops

A sleeveless yoga top or tank top is ideal if you wish to cool off immediately after practice. Tank-tops offer the perk of revealing body angles and alignment more due to their tighter fit; this can be beneficial if you need guidance on your poses or adjustments during class.

When picking out a tank top similar to a t-shirt, you want to ensure it is comfortable, snug, and made of a material that meets your needs.


Guys have the option of wearing shorts or long pants as bottoms. Generally, guys prefer one way over another based on overall comfort and mobility.

Long Pants

If you live in a city where the climate is cool, then you must wear pants. Many guys prefer to lose fitted pants, which is a good idea. You can quickly wear some track pants to your yoga session. Just remember to choose the right fit because if you have a class of yoga that requires a lot of movement, you will feel comfortable wearing tight-fitted pants that allow you to practice poses comfortably. Another idea is to wear your cycling shorts above a pair of tight-fitted leggings to get comfort during your session.


Now, if you are wondering if you can wear sports shorts like those for football or basketball, then let me assure you that you can. It is preferred to avoid wearing loose shorts, or if you wear some loose ones, pair them with some fitted briefs. If you live in a warm city, you can avail of hot yoga benefits, then going for shorts is the right choice.

What Should You Not Wear To Yoga

What Should You Not Wear To Yoga

  • Very short shorts. 
  • Revealing clothes 
  • Shirts that only fit your size.
  • Thin pants
  • Too loose clothing.

 Why Do You Need Proper Men’s Yoga Clothes

Why Do You Need Proper Men’s Yoga Clothes

Proper men’s yoga needs proper clothes because it’s difficult to practice yoga and move between poses if you wear uncomfortable clothes. It gets troublesome for you to take care of your clothes not coming in between while you practice your balance. Clothes even twist and trouble you while you bend. The right yoga outfit for men makes you look smart and keeps you free. So the proper men’s yoga outfit includes leggings or shorts that let you bend without trouble.

Factors To Consider When Buying Yoga Clothes

Factors To Consider When Buying Yoga ClothesHere are some factors you must consider to buy yoga apparel for men;

  1. Fabric: You must choose clothes that support you during your session. Choose something that doesn’t absorb sweat and keeps you cool during your entire session. Make a practical choice.
  2. Comfort: If you wear clothes that do not match your size, you will stay at ease the entire time. They can lead to annoyance and injuries. When you wear something comforting, your mood improves, and you enjoy your session. It even helps you focus on your yoga without feeling embarrassed of people’s eyes on you. Hence, there won’t be any disturbance in your act. 
  3. Durability: Look for long-lasting clothes. If you choose the right clothes, they will stay put for a long time, so it is better to invest in something that works well for you and is functional.
  4. Flexible Lowers: Choose lowers that allow you to perform your movements flexibly and with the proper alignment. This way, you will achieve your goal more quickly. It would help if you stretched adequately, and it requires a lot of leg work, so one must wear something that allows them to use their legs wisely. You might be concerned about your skin showing, so wear longer shorts or pants so there is no reason for discomfort. Thus, choose the appropriate guy’s yoga pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should wear breathable fabrics to do yoga. If you opt for shorts, go for long ones. Short shorts are inappropriate for yoga. Wearing thick breathable leggings is a correct choice too. Now choosing between both is a personal preference.
In such a case, it is advisable to wear form-fitting yoga pants or shorts. Even going for stretchy wide-leg pants or joggers is an excellent idea. This way, you will stay comfortable and not spend your entire time fixing your bottom when you pull your legs up. Just choose something that allows you to move freely, not something tight that keeps you self-conscious the entire time.
You should know that yoga is practised barefoot, so it is a rule to avoid wearing shoes when you do yoga. If you wear shoes, you will get restricted, and it will be hard for you to practice certain poses easily. Bareffots keep you more connected to the earth.


Comfort and fit is the primary key to an excellent yoga session. It would be best if you remembered that improper yoga attire for men would ruin the entire purpose of the session because you would spend your entire time focusing on clothes instead of your yoga session. It can even lead to injuries because you need to concentrate on the correct poses and might make mistakes. Hence, make sure to purchase yourself the right and enjoyable clothes so that you concentrate and have fun during your yoga sessions. Through this guide, you now better understand what men wear to yoga.



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