What To Wear For Plus Size Ladies: Guide For Overweight Ladies!

What To Wear For Plus Size Ladies

What to wear for plus-size ladies? And best outfits for plus size ladies? Any ideas? Getting a perfect dress is tricky, but that’s not true. You can wear whatever you desire, and the better you handle it, the more elegant look will appear. 

We are here with an informative, handy guide that will let you know what kind of shape you have and will be able to select your dresses easily and more perfectly. Those who feel confused or shy just because they are plus size older women don’t need to worry. You don’t need to go and get body-shamed by the pathetic designers; get through this guide to find what suits your body shape, and you got it!  

This article talks about plenty of wear types for plus-size ladies and their body types to help you choose the best dress according to your body. Keep reading the article to find more details. 

What To Wear For Plus Size Ladies

How To Choose the Different Dress Styles According To Shape

To know what to wear for plus-sized ladies, compare yourself to a standard-sized person and measure your body parts using clothing tape. Check which body parts differ from the standard, and note where you can compare yours. We have added dressing tips with specified shapes to help you choose the best. 

Types Of Plus Size Body Shapes With Top-Notch Styling Tips

The first thing you must consider is finding your body shape type according to the standard defined shapes. A plus-size lady can vary in body shape with five body shapes, including straight, hourglass, Apple, pear, and full bust. Your main concern should be the shape and the looks that best suit those shapes. 

1. Plus Size Straight Body Type

Plus Size Straight Body Type

What’s A Straight/ Rectangular Shape?

A straight shape refers to a body with equal measurements for all the body parts resembling a rectangular shape. The shoulders and bust resemble the size of the waist; the straight shape is that the body lacks a well-defined waistline, which makes it appear straight; that is why the name straight is given to such a shape. This kind of body shape is mostly seen in models, also called the supermodel shape. So do you own a rectangular shape body type? If yes, then look at what we have bought for you.

Types Of Wear For Straight Shape

Summer Collection

  • Princess seam dresses 
  • Straight dresses 
  • Empire Dresses for a Casual and cool look
  • Shift dresses 
  • A-line skirt wear outs 
  • Pencil and wrap skirts 
  • Dresses with no waistline built-in 
  • Dresses that fall directly from your shoulders 
  • Blouse off-the-shoulder 

Winter Addition

  • Denim jeans 
  • Blazers and jackets 
  • Belted coats and breasted jackets 


I was looking for some casual wear. The empire dresses are the best Casual wear for plus-size ladies with straight body shapes. 

Styling Tips For Plus Size Straight Body Type

You can try out the wearing discussed above to appear elegant and good-looking in a straight shape plus size body. We have brought this collection after several kinds of research-proven to be the best wear for straight shape ladies with plus size looks. Now that you know what are some flattering plus size clothes, you need to know how to carry them with some styling tips. 

Styling Tips

  • The belt is a necessary part you must consider.  
  • Secure your waist with a belt for a curvier frame look, or you can go for denim plus-size jeans to create the illusion of a curve.  
  • Avoid using a top with extra ruffles and peplums that negatively impact your dressing.  
  • An off-shoulder dress may create a good look with a plus-size straight body shape. 

2. Plus Size Hourglass Body Type

Plus Size Hourglass Body Type

What’s An Hourglass Shape?

An hourglass figure is among the fashion industry’s five most common body types. It refers to the body shape being wider from the top and bottom, keeping the waist narrower. This body figure is usually of the top models and actresses. A plus-size hourglass figure means that your shoulders and hips will be of the same measurement. To know whether you are an hourglass type, take body measurements to the described features of an hourglass to find it out. 

A slim waist with a wide chest and round bottom indicate an hourglass figure. 

Types Of Wear For An Hourglass Shape

If you are an hourglass, consider the wear we have bought for you, which will make you look stunning. 

  • A strapless top with a belt creates an awesome look. 
  • The hourglass types are compatible to fit wear that falters their curvatures. 

You can also go for 

  • Structured tops 
  • Empire dresses 
  • Corset dresses 
  • Jackets 
  • Romantic blouses 
  • High denim jean 
  • Sheath dress 
  • Pencil skirts 
  • Peplums 
  • Wrap dresses 

Styling Tips For Plus Size Hourglass Body Type

To wear these slimming plus size outfits with an elegant appearance, we have some tips and tricks you should know before trying out these dress types. These tips for flattering plus size clothing will enhance your style!

Styling Tips

  • Avoid dresses that have no waistline. 
  • If you want a highlighted slim waist, then peplums will help you get it. 
  • You can try out low-cut tops having V-neck styles and scoop necks for elegant looks. 
  • Always focus on choosing party attires to highlight the curves. 
  • A dressing tightly hugging you might be another choice for a stunning hot look. 
  • Higher necklines are not comfortable with hourglass figures, so avoid them. 
  • Choose your accessories wisely, as pointed shoes can impact negatively. Go for some knee-high boots to get a perfect look. 

3. Plus Size Pear Body Type

Plus Size Pear Body Type

What’s A Pear Shape?

Compare your shape to the desired features of pear-shaped to check whether you are pear-shaped or not. The pear-shaped individuals have most of the weight around their waist and resemble a pear shape. The pear body types have a definite waistline less wide than the hips in terms of the waistline. You own a pear body type if you have wider hips and bottom while the shoulder and bust are narrow. 

Types Of Wear For Pear Shape

If you are pear-shaped, consider the following classy outfits for plus-size ladies. 

  • Dresses having wide and low necklines, including boat, cowl, and square necks, suit best. 
  • To look best, go for off-shoulder tops 
  • A-line skirts 
  • Fit and flare skirts 
  • Wrap dresses 
  • Statement jackets 
  • Boot cut pants with no back pocket 
  • A style for plus size ladies includes darker shade wide-legged jeans. 

Styling Tips For Plus Size Pear Body Type

  • There are no skinny trousers and no back pockets jeans that would not look so good. 
  • When dressed up with pear-shaped compatible wear, always go for pointed-toed heels. You can also go for wedges and chunky platforms. 
  • All your focus should be on the upper part as the hips are fullest in this shape, so focusing on the hips may highlight those that look worse. 
  • Jackets will help you highlight the waist. 
  • Don’t opt for pencils and miniskirts as they draw attention to your butt, which you should avoid. 

4. Plus Size Apple Body Type

Plus Size Apple Body Type

What’s An Apple Shape?

Apple-shaped individuals have a wider bust, hips, and waist, while the shoulder and hips might be narrower. These figures tend to gain weight in their lower body parts like bottoms. They have big waists and oblate-shaped figures. The apple-shaped individuals lack a well-defined waist. The size of the top should be bigger than the bottom. 

Compare your measurements with the specified details of pear-shaped and let you determine whether you are apple-shaped or not? Here are best clothing ideas for plus size ladies with apple shape!

Types Of Wear For Apple Shape

Do you own an apple-shaped figure? If yes, let’s see what you can wear to look stunning. 

  • Empire dresses 
  • Line coats 
  • Open cardigans and waterfall jackets 
  • Straight fitted jackets 
  • High faltering dresses 
  • Boot cut 
  • Skinny jeans for highlighting legs 
  • Flow fit shirts 
  • Wide leg pants 
  • Belted jackets 
  • Layered slimming tops for plus size

Styling Tips For Plus Size Apple Body Type

Keep in mind that you must divert the next person’s attention from the middle part of the body.  

  • Don’t go for denim shorts and high-cut skirts, which may highlight your belly portion and must be avoided. 
  • Belts and jackets are the best choices you can choose with an apple-shaped figure. 
  • The use of ruching may help you distract attention from the tummy portion. 
  • Don’t opt for cargo pants, fluffy jackets, and denim items. 

5. Plus Size Full Bust Body Type 

Plus Size Full Bust Body Type 

What’s A Full Bust Shape?

If the bust measurement is higher than the bottom, it refers to a full bust shape. In this shape, your top part is wider than your bottom part, and you can observe the narrowing down of your body shape like an inverted triangle, wider from the tip and narrower at the base tip. 

So if you have such a shape, you are classified under full bust body type. 

Types Of Wear For Full Bust Shape

What should suit a full bust body type? Don’t worry; we have brought you some choices you would love to try. 

  • Wrap dresses 
  • Skirts with voluminous nature 
  • Blouses having heart, cowl scoop, square, and V-necklines 
  • A-line skirts 
  • Boot cut pants 
  • Plus size tops with narrow belts that cinch the waist 
  • Flowing fabric 
  • Single-breasted jackets 
  • Trousers 

Styling Tips For Plus Size Full Bust Body Type

  • The first tip is to cinch your waist with a narrow belt rather than a wide one. 
  • Avoid using high-neck tops and dresses. 
  • Don’t opt for loose and boxy tops. 
  • Avoid using ruffles and flounce dresses. 
  • Go for simple sleeve dresses. 
  • Don’t go for dresses that offer a shiny and glittery look that may cause the upper part to look even bigger. 
  • Go for high-quality undergarments to make the dresses look even much better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Identify your body shape and dress type according to the guidelines specified, keeping the styling tips in mind. Go for dresses that help in body elongation that add volume to your shoulder while camouflaging your bottom part. Most important is cinching your waist with a belt makes you look even better. You can go for A-line skirts and V-neck dresses to get a stunning look. 
The plus-size ladies should avoid skinny and tight leggings, long-neck shirts, and short skirts. Don't wear pencil skirts; it may highlight the bottom part that doesn't suit plus-size ladies. Avoiding shapeless smocks and baggy dresses is a must to consider a tip. 
The A-line dresses are considered the best option for plus-size females with a belt to cinch the waist. For A-line skirts, you can use cotton, polyester, and denim, which are the best material to opt for plus-size dresses. 
You have the right to choose any color dress you wish to wear, but according to the fashion industry, for plus-size ladies, the dark color suits best at night while pastel colors are the most favorable ones to opt for in day time. To look slim and smart, use a dark color like black, blue, etc. 

Final Verdict

Plus, size ladies are always stressed when choosing dresses for an upcoming event or special occasion. Plus size ladies are often treated worse like oh! plus size, what to wear to a wedding? What to wear for plus-size ladies? With these gestures, they can get even more frustrated. But no need to worry; find your size and dress type in this handy guide and grab yours to look like the most stunning plus-size lady. Follow our styling tips for each body type with various wearable suggestions to say goodbye to your problems choosing the right dress. We hope you might be able to get the desired look you want, and always remember to embrace your curves (even if you are a older curvy women) and looks that the dress can’t add to your personality. Be bold, lady; it’s time to shine! 

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