Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

By signing to the right of entry of pro healthy fit you are welcoming and agreeing to the company’s rules and this agreement. Make sure to read everything before you comply with the agreement. The acceptance of the entire agreement and terms of use is what allows you to make use of the company’s access. However, if you disagree with even one of the rules or terms of the agreement, you would not be able to make use of the Pro healthy fit website. 

You have to read carefully all the terms of use before you start using the services of the website. As you start your access to the website, or search anything on it or even enter any data which even includes your use of the services of the website, it will mean that you have quite properly read the agreement and have signed up to use the website according to your own will. This even includes agreeing to the website’s privacy policy and to act following the website’s laws and regulations.  

Moreover, you must know that when you agree with all the terms and conditions of the website you are more or less agreeing in the same way as when you hand in a contract of any website. You even consent to not challenging the website’s sustainability, the rightfulness of Prohealthy fit, or the warranty of the terms of use knowing that all of this is programmatically sent or permitted.  

Prohealthy fit has its eligibility criteria and offers its services to every adult who is 18 or above. When you start using the services, you are indirectly agreeing to fall within the age requirement. However, if you do not meet the age criteria please do not make use of the services. 

You must also be aware that the terms you are about to access include certain limitations on the responsibility of Pro healthy fit and the commitment relating to the services, some circumstances concerning the authority, and some elimination of Pro healthy fit’s responsibility.  


The pro healthy fit’s entire content includes different images, graphics, comments, pictures, files, and a lot more which has been gathered by the team. If you use any of the services or content of the website it is solely at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any third party and are not in connection with any other party who sponsors or shares our information. Stay in contact with your physician or doctor to keep a check on your medical conditions or to ask any other questions you might have.   

Username, Password, Or Security Data 

To make use of the website’s content we will ask you to make an account and you will require a username and password to get into the website and make use of the services. In case of any involvement by a third party, you have to report to us because we would not be held responsible for any misuse by a third party or any loss of data by a third party. however, if we come across any problems such as violation of a rule so we can take your access to the services of pro healthy fit. We can completely terminate your use of the services. Pro healthy fit team has the right to look into any doubted violations of the agreements of the terms of use.  

Your Responsibility In The Use Of The Website 

  • Make use of the content of the website while staying in lawful conduct. You must make sure not to encourage any criminal offense. 
  • The material provided by you must be appropriate. Make sure not to share any harmful, abusive, unlawful, or harassing content. 
  • Whatever you are sharing must not be plagiarised. Do not copy pictures, graphics, or content of somebody else. If we find you going against the copyright law we will take action by terminating your access to the website.  
  • Another thing that you must keep in mind is ensuring that if you share somebody’s personal information you have taken their consent to do so. When you agree to terms you even agree to ignoring mail bombs and staying away from spamming. 
  • You cannot use the Pr0healthy fit’s content to invade a third person’s privacy or to bully them. To not interfere with or restrict other users’ use of the services. 
  • Make sure not to breach the security of the website.  

Purchasing From The Website 

You might find some products that would be open to buying or to download something that requires purchasing. You have to agree to pay the fees put up for that certain product or feature that has to be downloaded. In some cases, you might find additional terms of use to sign up to when buying the feature or product. Read it carefully and sign.  

Computerised Membership 

Here we will talk about the products related to digital or computerized membership. You cannot buy anything that is restricted to certain members of the website. Just know that not buying this membership would just limit your use of certain services by the website. 

However, we have the sole right to modify any content of the membership. If you do not cancel your subscription the membership will be renewed automatically at the end as you permit us to the payment method. 

If there are any changes to the fees of the membership we will notify you initially. You will be given the right to cancel your membership in that case but, if you do not cancel your membership we will charge you the new fees. The right to refund is in our hands and if we refund sometime doesn’t mean the same would be done in the future.   


In case of your fight with any other user, the Pro healthy fit would not be claimed. However, Pro healthy fit will make use of reasonable efforts to make you aware of any such claim, measures, or proceeding upon knowing about it.   


All the comments, ideas, and suggestions that have been made in use or related to the content of pro healthy fit will stay on our property.  

But you must know that you also agree on posting any comment or material which is : 

  • Harmful, illegal, vulgar, abusive, hateful, or racist. 
  • Advertises or promotes any other product or service which has not been approved by the pro healthy fit team. 
  • Is it a lie, deceptive, or represents an unjust trading practice? 
  • Is promoting the wrong such as alcohol or any other illegal material such as tobacco.  
  • Something that contains a virus and may corrupt the entire system. This even includes trojan horses, codes, or programs that alter the function of the website.  
  • Violates a third party’s name or property rights. 
  • Leads to the invasion of anybody’s privacy. 

However, if you still violate the website’s privacy and terms the pro healthy fit has the complete right to : 

  • Delete, modify any comment or take away your right to make any further comments.  
  • Take any measures to protect the privacy of the website and other users.  
  • Reveal your identity to a third party in case you post something that violates the right of a third party. This even includes sharing your information with them. 
  • Take a proper legitimate measure if you make illegal use of the services.  
  • Terminating your use of the pro healthy fit due to the violation of the terms of use.  

However, the team cannot keep a check on all the material that is posted on the website and cannot even make sure that everything unlawful is removed instantly. We won’t be held responsible for any measures regarding any content or transfer provided by some other user or a third party. Pro healthy fit does not take responsibility for the accuracy and the usefulness of any content which belongs to a third party.  

The Agreement 

The following agreement adds up to the entire between you and us regarding the services and the use of the website. This entire section is for your convenience and has no lawful effect.  

Prohealthy fit has a complete right to make any changes or to update the terms of use. We can even revise and add more terms and conditions to the services you are making use of. If you continue to use the services after adding them, this will let us know that you accept them and are willing to continue with whatever modification we have made.  

Privacy Policy 

We make sure to keep whatever material we have secure and when you agree to the terms and conditions you even agree to our privacy policy.  


Prohealthy fit can take away your access to the website at any time even without notice. This would be done in a case where you would be found violating or not following the terms of use the right way.   

Thank you for trusting us and we hope to assist you and be convenient for your use.