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Muscle Toning Workouts for Females – Toned Body Goals

Muscle Toning Workouts For Females

Having a perfect and fit women body is a dream of every female, but dreaming won’t be enough until you try out a strict fitness plan of muscle toning workouts for females. A perfectly toned female body gives an amazing look, but exercising daily and maintaining body weight helps eliminate many issues and problems related to overweight individuals. 

If you think these workouts will bulk you like those for men, don’t worry! Female hormonal physiology is different, and this workout will make you a glamorous toned woman with a tone female body. So what are you waiting for? Go through the guide, check the women’s toning workout routine with easy-to-understand guidelines, and start yours! You will see tremendous results over time. 

Muscle Toning Workouts For Females

10 Best Muscle Toning Exercises For Women

Let’s go through our top toning exercises for females;



One of the best exercises to get your lower body toned is doing squats. It burns calories, reduces weight, tones the muscles, and strengthens your leg muscles, tendons and ligaments from getting injured at an older age. Squats also tone up calves and hip muscles. To perform squats, follow the steps. 

Stand straight with legs open and arms straight in front of you. When you are ready, start moving your upper body towards the ground while holding the weight on your legs. Slowly move up again with hands in the same front-up direction. You can compare it with a person’s movements when he is in half position for sitting on a chair. You can complete one squat and go for the rest to complete each set. 

Reverse Lunge

Reverse Lunge .mp4

These body toning exercises for females strengthens the legs, hips, and legs with a continuous arm movement along with each move. To make a reverse lunge, stand straight and start to bend until they know they touch the ground and then pull it up. Again bend the other knew till it touches the ground and then unbends it. You can perform it with or without dumbbells. It’s your choice. 

Biceps Hammer Curls

Biceps Hammer Curls.mp4

It is best for those women who have lost their arms and muscles, leading to a thin skinny body. It strengthens the arm muscles and helps in getting toned. Let’s do some biceps curls to pick up the dumbbells and hold them in your palms. Now move one arm towards your chest while holding the dumbbells. Repeat the same for the other arm and complete your desired sets.  

(Hold your arm in each curl for a few seconds, then uncurl it).  

Bent-over Row

Bent-over Row .mp4

This exercise is best for toning up your back region and adding up bone density to prevent bone loss at an older age. It works on the back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and rhomboid, the main muscles covering up your back region. 

To do a bent-over row, pick up the barbell with your hands, keep the palms in the front position, and slowly move it up with your back straight and knees bent. Hold the barbell, move it towards your chest, and take it back to the initial position.  


Pushups .mp4

It is a beneficial exercise with beneficial multipurpose reduces fats and body weight, protects your arms and shoulders, keeps your body balanced, and enhances flexibility. Push seems easy, yet they require much power to carry out. 

Keep your body off the ground with your feet and arms touching the ground just like a four-legged animal for pushups after they start pushing your arms up and down with shoulders movement keeping the legs and body straight. Do multiple sets to get the task done. 

Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline Dumbbell Flyes.mp4

It targets the pectoral muscles and helps ton the chest. For incline dumbbells-flyes, sit and lay half the body on the bench holding dumbbells. Lay while sitting and move the dumbbells up and down using your arms and shoulders in a wide position. It will strengthen your chest muscles. 



It can be beneficial in strengthening your lower back and gluteus. For bridges, you must lay down on the floor and balance your body on your feet and hands, keeping the lower back off the ground. You can move it up and down or keep staying still for a couple of times to strengthen the lower back muscles. 



For improving the body, posture planks are considered a great exercise. Your chest, abs, shoulders, lower back, and neck get empowered by doing planks. 

Stay straight on the floor while holding your body in a straight line with your hands and feet for a minute, and one plank is done.  

Triceps Dips

Triceps Dips.mp4

Triceps dips are beneficial for strengthening triceps muscles in your arms. For doing it, you will require a chair. Place the chair and stand in front of it like assist on it. But don’t sit in this case; rather, hold the chair’s front edge and keep the legs bent in front. After getting the position, start by moving your arms, so your triceps muscles get into action.  

Dumbbell Pull-Over  

Dumbbell Pull-Over

A dumbbell pullover seems to fit for upper body toning as it enhances the chest and back strength and triceps. You must lay down on your back, keep the legs in an inverted V position, and pick up the dumbbells for this exercise. Once you have picked up, move your arms straight above the head region and return them to the initial position. It seems like an arc over your chest region to your full body. Complete the required sets to finish the task. 

Workout Plan For Toning And Building Muscle  

Workout Plan for Toning and Building Muscle

If you want to build muscle and toned body so you must follow toning workout plan for females. These are the best workouts for toned body. Multiple muscle toning workout for women and workout plans are available with different exercises; they are considered, each resulting in the best-toned body. But before that, it is necessary to carry out a warm-up workup to make your body ready for those toned workouts.  

Benefits Of Warm-Up

  • Warming up yourself makes your and your muscles ready for the main workout because if you suddenly start without warming out, there is a chance that you might repute your muscles or suffer severe muscle spasms. 
  • Warm-up ensures that your body is boosting up and gaining stamina.  
  • The muscles keep on mog to create elasticity and enhance the blood circulation in the body. 

Warm-Up Workout

We have brought some exercises to help you gain better stamina to go for the toned workout for a warm-up. 

Warm-Up Session Time – 10 minutes  

  • Start your warm-up by doing knee lifts, and heel digs each for at least a minute.  
  • You can take a small break of 10 to 20 between each movement set. 
  • Carry on with shoulder rolls x10 for each arm, knee bends x10, head rotations x20, and last 10x hip rotations.  
  • After doing these, your warm session ends, and you can have a small break till the main workout begins.  
  • Follow it each day before doing the toned workout.  

Toning Workout Routine For Females  

We have brought a 5-day-per-week workout plan for women to toned your body, to help you get your dream body figure, but your hard work and never tiring efforts will play a key role. At the start, women are very motivated, but as time passes, they lack interest and pause the workout, which shows a nil result. Let’s do it this time! Get rid of your extra fatty masses and boost your stamina by following the workout sessions each day for months to get the desired results. 

Day 1 # Workout For Arms and Chest

Exercise 1: 04 set of 08 flat bench barbell press  

Exercise 2: 04 set of 10 pushups 

Exercise 3: 03 set of 15 cable crossovers 

Exercise 4: each 04 set of 12 incline dumbbell flyes  

Exercise 5: every 03 sets of 15 barbell biceps, triceps dips, and 20 triceps rope overhead extension.  

Exercise 6: go on elliptical workout machines for almost 10 minutes.  

Here your day 1 workout is over, have some rest! 

Day 2 # Toning Up The Legs And Butts

Exercise 1: Start with 05 sets of 12 wide stance barbell squats 

Exercise 2: carry on 03 sets of 20 stationary lunges for each leg separately.  

Exercise 3: 03 sets of 12 leg press 

Exercise 4: 03 sets of 20 bridges 

Exercise 5: 04 sets of 20 kickbacks, each leg separately entertained. 

Exercise 6: go for an elliptical workout for almost 10 minutes.  

Day 3 # Cardio Circuits For Muscle Toning

Take a couple of rest between exercises! 

Exercise 1: start by doing burpees x 10. 

Exercise 2:  the next 10 x pushups 

Exercise 3:  03 of hanging leg raises 10 times 

Exercise 4:  followed by 15 x crunches 

Exercise 5: the next one is doing 03 min plank rounds  

Exercise 6: End your day work out by doing a low-intensity cardio workout using a treadmill for 20 minutes.  

Keep up the good work! 

Day 4 # Toning Up Back And Shoulders

Exercise 1: Start with 04 sets of 10 standing barbell military-press  

Exercise 2: 03 sets of 15 EZ-bar upright-rows  

Exercise 3: 04 sets of 15 dumbbell lateral raises, 10 Seated-dumbbell shoulder-press, 10 dumbbell-shrugs, and 12 bent-over-rows. Have some rest and go for the next! 

Exercise 4: 04 set of 12 close-grip lat-pulldowns, 10 T-bar rows  

Exercise 5: End the day with additional stationary bike exercise for 10 minutes.  

Day 5 # Upper Body Workout And Cardio Circuit 

Exercise 1: Start with low-intensity cardio for 20 minutes 

Exercise 2: 03 sets of 12 standing barbell shoulder press 

Exercise 3: 03 sets of 12 dumbbell bicep curl 

Exercise 4: tone up your chest by doing 03 sets of 12 chest press  

Exercise 5: End the day workout by doing 03 sets of 10 pushups. 

Diet And Fitness Plan 

Diet and Fitness Plan

You require a basic proportional diet containing the exact caloric content for being among toned body women. Exercise and a balanced fitness diet fasten up muscle toning and get your desired body shape.  

Avoid eating junk and fast food. We suggest a standard caloric content of 2500 calories per day for best results. You can change the items keeping the caloric content and food nature into consideration—healthy foods like fruits, veggies, high protein content items with desired carbs, and good fats. Take the basic nutrients in the following percentages: carbohydrate 40%, protein 40%, and essential fats 20%. 

For easy calculation of caloric content, we have brought a handy conversion table to convert the grams into caloric values so that you can easily get the right calories necessary for a toned body. 

Diet Plan For Toned Body

   Breakfast  Pre-lunch  Lunch  Pre-workout  Post-workout  Dinner 
Total Calories  470gm  370gm  540gm  300gm  400gm  420gm 
Items  Peanut butter 16 gm, 

Skimmed milk 250 ml, 

Oats 20 gm, 

Whey protein 25 gm, and 

01 banana 

20g Almonds,  250g Greek Yoghurt, and apple  200 gm each of carrots and broccoli  along a chicken fillet and 60 gm of rice  Skimmed milk 375 ml, along with apple and whey protein 50 gm (two scoops)  Skimmed milk 250 ml, 

Whey protein 50 gm, and 

01 banana 

100 gm of carrots, 200 gm beans, and salmon fillet with only 01 tablespoon oil. 
Take plenty of water each day along the diet plan. 

For easy calculation of caloric content, we have brought a handy conversion table to convert the grams into caloric values so that you can easily get the right calories necessary for a toned body. 

Main nutrients  Percentage  Grams  Calories 
Carbohydrates  40  1 gm  4 calories 
Proteins  40  1 gm  4 calories 
Fats  20  1 gm  9 calories 

Total Grams Required Per Day

Total Grams Required Per Day

Now that you know how much gm contains and how many calories, let’s find the carbohydrates grams required per content each day. You must multiply the total caloric content per day by the percentage; for instance, 2500 x 0.40= 1000. Divide the resultant answer by the calorie per gm, like for carbohydrates, 4 per gm. 880/4= 250g. You need to consume 220 gm of carbohydrates each day. 

Using the above table and the same formula, you can calculate the grams of proteins and fats for a balanced diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To tone your body, you have to work on your body by doing daily workouts and healthy diet plans. Follow diet charts and workout plans that help tone the body to your desired shape.  
Toning a female body depends on the intensity and time of the workout. It can take almost 04 to 08 weeks with a standard toning workout plan and diet.  
The fastest way to tone your body is by doing cardio, kickboxing, daily running, jump rope, the elliptical machine workout, and a rowing machine. Adding them to your fitness plan can help you get a lightly toned female body in less time. 

Final Verdict

To make toned women body, you have to work hard to avoid an unhealthy diet and daily workouts. Women who undertake toning workouts for women have a toned figure. Different trainers carry out various exercises. We have brought the best 10 workouts and the diet and workout plan to provide a 3-in-1 solution for the non-toned body. We hope you might have gone through it and benefitted. So what are you waiting for? Start muscle tone workouts for females to get a perfectly shaped, toned body. 

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