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Keto Diet For Pcos And Hypothyroidism: Ultimate Guide

Keto Diet For Pcos And Hypothyroidism

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a very common condition in women that causes several health problems; it is often termed a syndrome because some diseases are associated with it, such as headaches and even weight gain; this disease often causes an irregular menstrual cycle in women in their child bearing years. The name itself is generated from the cysts made in a woman’s ovaries that drive all that commotion in her body. So as we approach this further, we will discuss the Is keto good for hypothyroidism. 

Another issue here is that people with PCOS often also get Hypothyroidism, a disease in itself; yes, I know it is difficult, and you might be wondering how to combat this all when planning a diet. Don’t worry; we have a solution to your diet problems

Hypothyroidism is a disease where the thyroid gland produces far less thyroxine, a growth hormone. This, in turn, affects your skin and weight(you gain a lot of it) and sometimes causes aches and pains in your body. A keto diet for PCOS can be a task for people with PCOS. A keto diet for PCOS meal plan includes low carb diet.

Keto Diet For Pcos And Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroid Keto Diet For PCOS

The hypothyroid Keto diet for PCOS and Hypothyroidism are very different, although they are closely related (too confusing, I know it is). Keto for PCOS might be very helpful; studies have shown that it has helped women lower their significance; as in PCOS, the insulin production is high, aggravating PCOS symptoms. So less carb-rich diet will mean less glucose production and, in turn, less insulin production. But for people with Hypothyroidism, this might not be a very good idea. 

As what happens is that the underactive thyroid glands need a good amount of sugar to function, which comes from a carb-rich diet, so depriving the already underworking organ of something it needs to sustain to lose weight the fast way is particularly not the way to go here. As we proceed in this article, we will get to know exactly the foods and diet healthy for your body needs so that it grows while looking good because that’s what we are here for. 

What Is The Keto Diet

What Is The Keto Diet_

“Ketosis” is the word from which keto is derived, and what is ketosis? It is the body’s natural process that breaks down food into energy. Keto PCOS is high fat and low-carb diet, which further aids this process hence a keto diet. This type of diet has been here for ages in one way or another with different names, such as the Atkins diet or LCHF (low carb pcos diet) ,which has been very useful for patients with Alzheimer’s. After many observations, it was seen that this diet was very useful for people with epilepsy. PCOS and keto go hand in hand as women who have polycystic ovaries are recommended this diet to help with their hormone regulation and to reduce their insulin levels. Ketones and PCOS are like best friends that aid each other like best friends in your weight loss and the low carb diet and hypothyroidism. Also read beginner 7 day PCOS diet plan.

The Name “Keto”

The Name “Keto"As this is a carb-restricted diet, the weight loss occurs when the body uses that extra fat for energy instead of glucose; this causes the burning of fat and a byproduct called ketones, hence the name of the keto diet. This diet comprises fatty meats and very low carbohydrate intake such as bread or any extra gluten; this means no plates of pasta and no rice whatsoever. 

To put it more simply and less in a scientific way, the fat is our extra food and filled and the carb which is the upper cupboard hence extremely easy to access, so that is what is used for our energy, but when we deprive our body of the instant food source, then it reaches the secondary source which is the fat cells, so when those are finished then you start losing all the extra dough off the body. 

Pros And Cons Of A Keto Diet

Pros And Cons Of A Keto Diet

Ways To Lose Weight

The number one benefit is the fact that you lose weight and that too fast. The women, that’s why to go on keto because it’s generally easier to lose weight on this diet because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to just straight-up want to eat hamburger patties for breakfast.

Ways To Lose WeightKeto also helps to curb certain temptations of junk food. You feel fuller for longer as fat takes time to break down. You don’t feel hungry for a long time, thus controlling your appetite too. 

Balanced Hormones

 Keto and PCOS have a very cordial relationship; the low-carb and high-fat diet helps regulate hormones, making your PMS( premenstrual syndrome) easier. Research has also shown that this diet has shown signs to balance hormones, thus making it good for women with PCOS.

Acne Resolver

Acne ResolverKeto diet also helps with acne; it lowers the amount of newer pimples and lessens the appearance of scars on the face, too; this is all since women with PCOS have a higher amount of insulin in their body, which increases the amount of IGF-1 protein which causes acne to be severe, so by decreasing the carb intake and insulin level with this diet, you have a greater chance to improve the acne situation. 

Digestion Issues

Digestion IssuesThe ketogenic diet and thyroid function do not entirely mix very well, so people with thyroid problems are told not to go on this diet. As there are many pros, there are some cons to this diet, such as constipation and headaches. Constipation is a big problem in this scenario; due to a very low intake of gluten or any carb, the fiber intake also gets very low, which causes stomach issues and indigestion resulting in constipation. 

Irritation/Difficult To Follow

Irritation_Difficult To FollowAnother problem that gets people on their nerves is that this diet often makes them irritated and tense; maybe it is due to the absence of glucose in the body. The Keto diet has also shown signs of kidney stones due to a high protein intake. For some, this might be a very difficult diet to keep up with the strict limitation policy this diet has. The low carb thyroid myth has been debunked too, and it had some reality towards it as the low carbohydrates automatically mean less glucose which in turn puts the load on the adrenal glands. 

“The Keto Flu”

Have you heard the term “the keto flu”? Let us define it for you? When you first start this diet, you experience body aches, nausea and headaches, and dizziness; it’s a weird type of withdrawal because you are making your body lose a key raw material essential for functioning. Some only experience it for the first week, so it might not affect you. 

Another very deadly aspect is that you might develop Hypothyroidism due to low insulin levels in the body. 

What Is Hypothyroidism? A Brief Overview

Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s is when your thyroid gland does not produce enough or works way less than it should. This drastically affects your health as thyroxine, the hormones produced by the thyroid, acts on every part of your body, for example, hair, nails, and even weight. 

Without the thyroid hormone, the body stops functioning properly, and all the processes slow down. So if you have Hypothyroidism, you might want to reconsider the keto diet. The symptoms include the ability to tolerate cold, fatigue, stiffness, tiredness, a higher sensitivity to temperature changes, and a very big problem, the irregularity of periods. 

Hypothyroidism is a big problem, but there are causes and ways we can prevent this disease; for most, a low-carb diet for Hypothyroidism is not the best way to go, but maybe a moderate carb diet could help you lose those extra pounds. The diet keto and Hashimoto’s are side by side. The Keto diet and Hypothyroidism do not entirely mix well together, so it is recommended for people with hypo thyroid issues not to take up this diet. 

4 Causes For Hypothyroidism

Having fun eating all that meat and butter, well, you are in for a bit of a rude awakening; a high-fat diet that lacks proper carbohydrates may be causing you Hypothyroidism, causing you to feel dizzy and lost. One of the key reasons for Hypothyroidism is the keto diet which many women use to lose weight. Hypothyroid and keto go sidse by side.

 Stress And Hectic Lifestyle

Stress And Hectic LifestyleChronic stress and a very irregular routine can aggravate this condition, so it is told to people with this condition to take it day by day and not take any extra stress. When your body is tense, several emotions and hormones start to flow, making your system sluggish and weak. Taking a breather in this busy and constantly evolving life may be difficult, but it is suggested to avoid stress for Hypothyroidism. 

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine DeficiencyA diet lacking iodine is also a big cause of Hypothyroidism, so you might as well eat all that spinach to prevent this disease. While doing so has contributed to weight loss, ketosis causes a very harsh effect on your adrenal gland, stimulating thyroid production and overworking the adrenal glands. People with thyroid have weaker adrenal glands, so they are told they shouldn’t go into ketosis. 

Thyroid Medications

Thyroid MedicationsHypothyroidism is also caused by taking medications for the hyperthyroid, as sometimes overdose leads to this condition. When taken in high dosage, the medicine has adverse effects on the thyroid gland; from producing a more than necessary amount of hormone, it will now make way less, and as they say, both extremes are bad. 

Pregnancy/ Newer Hormones

Pregnancy_ Newer HormonesSometimes pregnancy in women leads to a hormonal imbalance which leads to Hypothyroidism. The baby developing in the women’s new womb sometimes merges their hormones and tends to disturb the mother’s hormone levels, which becomes a cause of Hypothyroidism. 

These were some but very predominant causes of Hypothyroidism in women.

How To Determine If The Keto Diet Is Helping You

How To Determine If The Keto Diet Is Helping You_

The way everyone looks different; everyone’s bodily functions are also other. What might be harmful to you might be great for the person sitting next to you. So you must listen to the needs of your body and fulfill them. 

To fully understand and comprehend keto, you should see the signs and why you need keto. This would be a good way to go if you are a PCOS patient. Everything is good in moderation, and take it slow before eliminating everything related to carbs; just because your friend did it and her result was amazing does not automatically mean you will have the same results. 

Taking Your Time

Taking Your TimeGo slow, do one week of keto and then let your body get some nutrients back. And if it is truly helping, you will see a clear-cut result like healthy weight loss, glowing on your face, and feeling more energized. 

Keto And No Thyroid

Keto And No ThyroidFor people with Hypothyroidism, keto is not a good option; it will make their situation far worse, and they will have a hormonal balance that will be difficult to handle. 

Monitoring Your Thyroid Level

Monitoring Your Thyroid LevelYou should also closely monitor your thyroid levels if you decide on this diet, and be sure to consult your physician before embarking on this journey. 

Explore Other Options

Explore Other OptionsSo, with this PCOS keto diet & Hyperthyroidism diet, those who have both should explore far less dangerous options, such as intermittent fasting and light yet rich diets that their bodies need. 

The results may vary for everyone, especially women; keto could be a fast way to reduce extra body fat. Women have shown quite a liking for this trend, and despite that, keto has excellent results for various types of patients, such as epileptic patients and those with cardiovascular diseases. Certain low-carb thyroids myths exist, but you should not mind that and consult your doctor or nutritionist for any medical queries. Shall we answer some questions regarding keto and thyroid issues? Without more delays, let us jump into it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 To lose weight with both of these conditions, you might want to take a lighter approach to food and go for intermittent fasting to help you lose weight faster. Eat a balanced diet with a good amount of fruits and in moderation. 
Yes, sometimes keto is bad for the thyroid. As keto messes up your insulin levels and the adrenal glands' functioning, this diet is not recommended for people with thyroid. For patients with Hypothyroidism, it is certainly recommended to steer clear of this diet as it causes your bodily motor functions to a screeching halt. 
Yes, keto can cause Hypothyroidism as the low-carb diet makes you lose all the glucose needed for insulin production and good adrenal function, which helps in thyroid hormone production. So if you deprive the organ of the tools it needs to work its machinery, it will not work at its full capacity. 


After all the discussion, hopefully, all your queries and questions that might have popped up in your mind are answered. It’s so amazing that we finally reached the end of the article, and we are happy we can help you. So, at last, the keto diet for Hypothyroidism and PCOS depends from person to person, and every human or woman should take this diet after looking at their own body and whether your body can handle it. The only thing left to add is that you take good care of your body and look for sustainable options to lose weight to look good and feel your best. 

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