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How To Start Yoga When Overweight – Guide For Obese Beginners

How To Start Yoga When Overweight

Starting with yoga or making up your mind to enroll in a yoga class is a difficult task considering how it works. Yoga for bigger bodies is a challenging task because you have to face not only physical but mental obstacles too. Yoga is a peaceful experience for your mind and body. Are you now wondering if you can do yoga while being overweight? Yes, you can start with beginners plus size yoga.  

Yoga helps you achieve your target body with regular practice. It not only helps you in toning your body but strengthens it and increases the flexibility of your body. It is the key to an amazing transformation. Yoga isn’t something that depends on the body or the weight or even the size, it is something everybody should practice. The initial stage might feel a little immense but it is completely okay. 

How To Start Yoga When OverweightWhat Is Yoga

What Is YogaSo the queston is what is yoga & yoga obese. Yoga is an ancient practice for your mind and your body. It requires activity, contemplation, and various breathing methods which promote body and intellectual health. There is a range of different styles of chubby yoga that teach you tolerance, power, self-possession, and flexibility. Over time the practice of yoga before a workout has become a common trend in society. 

Is Yoga Good For You If You Are Plus Size 

Is Yoga Good For You If You Are Plus Size

Having a large body shouldn’t stop you or make you uncomfortable when practicing yoga. Nevertheless, yoga benefits everybody and every size. Yoga for bigger bodies helps you feel self-assured in your own body and improves your acceptance.  

In addition to it, yoga assists you with back pain comfort. It even relieves the swelling of your joints and comforts people with arthritis. It even reduces the stress in your body which automatically gives your heart relaxation. Those with larger bodies face blood pressure issues too which is relieved by the help of practicing yoga. Fat people yoga isn’t only a benefit to your body but with obesity comes discomfort and mood swings because of how you start to feel about your body, but yoga boosts your mood and makes you love yourself. 

How To Start Yoga When Overweight

How To Start Yoga When OverweightStart by choosing yourself a teacher but not any teacher. Choose an expert who can guide you and boost your self-confidence. You might not specifically find a class for yoga for plus size so look for a class where they teach you the basic level. In such yoga for plus size beginners classes, the teachers are experts in working with different people with different bodies and capacities. 

Yoga For Big Bodies Some Myths 

  1. If You Are Overweight You Cannot Do The Poses: It is a silly belief that if you weigh too much you cannot do the poses but your poses completely depend on  
  2. The amount of practice and experience you gain: The more you practice the better you start getting on the poses. With time your body gets flexible and gains the required stamina. 
  3. Overweight People Do Not Look Refined While Working: It’s one of the most absurd myths until now. When you are doing yoga, how does it even matter if you look nice or not? You are just spending some time working on yourself and that is enough for you. Yoga is about peace and not shattering your confidence and wondering what people think of you. 
  4. How Can You Lose Weight While Doing Yoga: It is not necessary to reduce weight; rather, it is more crucial to achieve your perfect body shape. Yoga works towards your health and fitness more than what a scale would show. Over time you will feel nice about your own body and see the changes in your movement gradually. 
  5. Your Yoga Makes Other People Uncomfortable: Here is another ridiculous myth. Yoga is about self-tolerance and not about what makes the people around you happy. Look for studios where you enjoy your yoga. Body shaming is something all of us must avoid. 
  6. Only Women Can Do Yoga: This is quite a thoughtless belief because most of the expert yoga teachers around the world are men. Yoga is very healthy and it assists you to get fit, so why would a man not want to attain the benefits yoga provides? Everybody, be it a man or a woman, should enjoy the calmness and warmth yoga provides.  

Tips To Start Yoga When You Are Obese

Tips To Start Yoga When You Are Obese Savasana: If you are a beginner you must start with a calm pose. It trains your mind and helps it in resting. It even increases your breathing power. 

Do Not Compel Positions On Your Body: Compelling your body leads to injuries, just give your body some space and time. If you feel any sort of discomfort stop and relax. 

Set Your Speed: Do not follow how much other people are doing, go with how much of it your body can accept. Like this, you will do it more gradually as you see yourself getting better at it. Remember to give your body some rest and take time to recover.  

Take A Wide Stance: Everybody has their strength so you must start with taking wide stances. It will help you in better balance and reduce the chances of discomfort and injury. 

Do Your Yoga On The Floor: Many experts advise people who are overweight to use the floor for their poses. And this yoga for overweight beginners. They should work with gravity instead of against it.  

Learn The Basics Of Yoga: Once you get to know what benefit a certain thing will bring you, you enjoy doing it and find nicer results.  

 A Few Yoga Poses For Obese People

A Few Yoga Poses For Obese PeopleYou must follow these yoga poses for obese beginners. You must not stress about what poses would help you reduce weight because the entire yoga is a key to self-love. When you open the door to self-love you will learn to work on your body automatically.  

  • Choose A Style: Try different styles and then understand which one works well for your body type. Start with choosing styles that help you ponder and relax. Then try creating a balance in your body.  

Now to choose a style you must know some poses so we are here to tell you some fancy poses to lose your body weight. 

  • Triangle Pose: This is a start pose and you will have to first stand straight and keep your feet wide apart. Keep your hands parallel to the ground. Now slowly bend to your left side and using your left-hand touch your left foot. Stay in this position for about 10 to 20 seconds and then move to your right side. It increases your digestion which leads to burning more fat. 
  • Upwards Dog Pose: Start with laying with your belly flat on the floor. Your palms must face down and your hands must be extended forward. Lift your upper body slowly by keeping your hands right on your shoulder level. Make sure that you keep your face looking upwards while performing this don pose. 
  • Forward Bend Pose: This bending pose pushes your fat inside by improving your digestive system. It is very vital for weight loss. 
  • Bow Pose: This is one of the chests poses that focus on your chest, hips, and abdomen. You have to lift your chest and head up which helps you strengthen your body and lose weight. 
  • Goddess Poses And Monkey God Pose: These are also known as the god poses that stretch your hip and are beginner’s poses. You use your hands to lift your torso in the monkey god pose to keep your body, heart, and head in peace.  
  • Plank: This is a hold pose that burns your tummy fat and tones your arms. You just have to straighten your arm and hold your body up and balance on your toes. 
  • Camel Pose: This pose is quite difficult but it gets better with practice. You have to sit on your knees and lean back to touch your heels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There has been huge research for a long time on beginner yoga plus size. Yoga no doubt works as a mind relaxer but it even burns the excess calories and fats in your body. It not only concentrates on the weighing scale but helps you tone your body.
Many individuals avoid the slow and basic steps of yoga thinking that it won’t do them any good while losing weight. This concept is inappropriate because the basics help you build stamina and train you for a more uptight yoga position. Grow your pace gradually. Yoga works well for everybody so you must not let anybody's body shame you or tell you otherwise.
The first thing you must do is to fix your mindset to a positive one. Learn the benefits of it and stay confident in your own body. Practice it regularly and calmly to feel the calmness in your body. Gradually when you see the changes in your body, you will start enjoying your yoga.


You must first understand that your goal must not be fixing your weight on the scale but being fit. You must work towards a relaxed mind and a body you grow with love. Yoga for overweight people helps you feel self-assured in your own body and improves your acceptance. Yoga teaches you acceptance and understanding of yourself. Find yourself the right style of yoga and get constant in the growth of love. Do not let other people turn you away with their words and beliefs. We wish you the best in your healthy journey. We hope that you understand yoga for obese beginners and yoga for morbidly obese.

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