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How To Start Exercising If You Are Obese – Easy Workouts

How To Start Exercising If You Are Obese

Obesity is a condition where sugars and fats are accumulated in your body. Obesity is caused by three main reasons. So, how to start exercising if you are obese? Firstly, due to medical conditions, lack of physical activity, or poor diet. Medical conditions can be that thyroid glands produce more hormones or in other cases, steroid hormones are produced in excess due to disorder. A poor diet can contribute to obesity in many ways like consuming fast food or processed food, taking food in larger portions, drinking alcohol, or when you intake fizzy drinks in larger quantities. You will always notice that obese people are normally overweight. To overcome weight and excess fat there are always exercises to become obese to fit people.

Obesity can be very dangerous. It is a disease that is not caused overnight, however, it is developed over bigger periods. Obesity can cause direct and indirect effects on the body. The direct effects include back pain, arthritis, sleep apnea, and gout. Accordion to the research 1 in 3 adults has arthritis. The indirect effects can include infertility, pregnancy complications, depression, mood swings, certain cancers, and memory decline. 

How To Start Exercising If You Are ObeseBenefits Of Regular Exercise

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

There are many benefits of doing exercise regularly. As soon as you start the physical activity your thinking, learning, and analysis skills will be more efficient. Also, it helps to maintain your current weight or lose excessive weight. Moreover, if exercises are done daily people can prevent heart diseases and strokes. It helps to keep some types of cancer away from you. Additionally, the biggest benefit of exercise is that you will be able to walk, bend, climb stairs, or pick things from shelves easily without pain as the exercise aids in healthy bones, muscles, and joints. 

Easy Workouts For Overweight Beginners

Easy Workouts For Overweight Beginners

There is a lot of motivation required for beginners to start with the workout. The early sessions can be more painful as there is no flexibility in the body. There are also chances that you might make a lot of mistakes with correct posture and position.

But you need to improve because practice makes the man perfect. Trainers also enlighten people that obese workout are never easy and the change in appearance takes a lot of time. you can never see the change within fifteen days or one month. Obese people don’t have flexibility in the body trainers designed low-impact workouts for obese beginners.

Exercise for obese beginners at home include many exercises like: 


  1. Leg Extension: This is a chair exercise for obese people. It requires the leg extension machine and sitting on the padded seat and raising the padded bar above. This mainly works for the quadriceps and strengthens your lower body. If you are normally walking, it only works for your hamstring but through leg extension, you can focus more on your quads.
  2. Walking: it is the best workouts for fat people as they already have a lesser physical activity you can always try to walk very slowly. You don’t need to worry about the pace, steps, or speeds. Start the walk very gradually and then keep on increasing the time when your body has accepted the new challenge. The walk can be beneficial in building stamina and making any person’s immune system very strong. 
  3. Aqua Jogging: it is the type of cardiovascular exercise in which you do laps or run the water wearing a float around the trunk. It is better than water aerobics. It causes less friction on the joints and helps to improve the posture of the body.
  4. Strength Training: it involves lifting weights which will help each individual to boost their metabolism. It involves all joints being in motion. This aids in decreasing abdominal fats. 
  5. Stationary Bike: it is one of the kinds of aerobics. It is just like a normal bicycle where you have to apply resistance to the pedals which will eventually increase the intensity of the workout. It aids in losing body fat, and weight loss and boosts your cardio fitness. While doing the exercise you need to be careful you have to maintain the balance throughout otherwise you will fall and get an injury or develop muscle fatigue. 

How Much Should You Exercise

How Much Should You Exercise

It is recommended by fitness trainers that a healthy person should do the moderate physical activity of 150 to 300 minutes each week depending on the stamina. Moderate physical activity means that the heartbeat is 50 percent to 60 percent higher than the resting heartbeat. Moderate physical exercises include walking, biking, swimming laps, walking stairs, jumping rope, or playing volleyball. However, it is suggested to perform 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic workouts. 

 If you are doing workouts with the goal of obesity, it is suggested to do 150 to 250 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. 250 minutes per week means that you have to exercise for one hour for five days each. Moderate exercises mean brisk walking, swimming leisurely, or doing water aerobics. 

 If you have achieved your goal of reducing obesity, being healthy, or losing inches. You need to always maintain your weight because research proves that you always regain the weight. 

 Ways To Safely Start Exercising When You’re Overweight

Ways To Safely Start Exercising When You’re OverweightIt is highly possible if you see anyone running so many kilometers together or see them lifting the heaviest weights it might demotivate you. it might make you think that it’s not easy. Keep in mind that nothing is easy but when you challenge your body things become easier eventually. Here are the few steps which can make sure you start exercises safely: 

  1. Simplicity: Your body is not yet prone to extra pressure or challenges. You cant start by lifting weights on the first day. Start things simply like walking. The walk is an activity that you can do regularly and guess what it is free! You don’t need any trainer for it. You just need to go to the park or walking ground to walk continuously maybe for 20 to thirty minutes. 
  2. Take smaller steps: Take into consideration that there is no competition with anybody around you. This is not any race. In this journey, you just have to make a goal and progress towards it. So when you are starting make sure you take smaller steps like walking for 10 minutes to walk, climbing stairs, or swimming for 20 minutes. If you take smaller steps and when you achieve it, this will motivate you rather than skipping the smaller workout sessions. 
  3. Hire a trainer: after taking the smaller steps, you need to hire a professional trainer who can always advise you with the best fitness techniques, help you stay positive, and guide you with daily workouts. They can monitor your performance and make an analysis and then take the action accordingly. 
  4. Do what you love: Any workout you don’t like don’t do it. If you hate weighing up the lift, don’t lift them. If you’re overweight, then start overweight exercise like, stretching, start yoga,  Zumba, aerobics, or pilates. Start putting your passion into practice right away.
  5. Boost up gradually: Now your body is ready for the workout and more effort. Now is the stage when you have to start increasing your efforts. For example, if you are walking for 30 minutes increase the time to 40 minutes. Then after an increasing time, you can increase the step. Focus on a single thing. Don’t try to increase steps and time both simultaneously. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing is harder if you take challenges. It will be harder at the initial stage but once the body is used to it won't be harder. Also to avoid the harness level, obese people are recommended to start with lower-impact workouts. 
No, they can't exercise too much. They should be very slow with the process because if they will be fast it will boost their blood pressure which can cause cardiac problems. 
The obese should perform exercises for about 150 to 250 minutes per week. They should do moderate-intensity physical workouts. 


Being obese is not an abnormal situation. Exercises are for everyone like exercise for sedentary beginners, or exercise for morbidly obese. You just need to focus on your goals and not lose your motivation. You can always do it if little effort is put into it to lose the weight sustainably because nobody wants to regain the weight. Always make a group of friends where you can have fun while working out. Lastly, keep the track of all exercises and the changes. Once you reach the specific goals, you need to celebrate them in the best way possible.

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