How To Measure Body Fat Calculator- A Quick Guide

How To Measure Body Fat Calculator

Everyone in the world wants a healthy life, right? For that, you need to have a perfect body fat ratio. The body fat on the upper part of your skin, specifically in the abdominal area, is harmful. While some quantity of fat is needed, excess fats cause cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The matter of concern here is how to measure body fat calculator.

Accurate body fat calculation helps in calculating health risks and preventing them. A complete guide is provided on how to know body fat percentage online to keep track of your body fat and achieve the best body fat percentage. The accuracy of the method, calculations, and the table is given to measure fat in one’s body according to age, gender, height, and waist. 

How To Measure Body Fat Calculator

 Measurement Of Body Fat

Body fat estimate is an essential entity in life that gives you health benefits, advice on food, diets, and cardiovascular benefits. Your body’s fat level is indicated by your body fat percentage (BFP), which is a reliable predictor of your body composition.  

This also helps you calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) which is used in Body Fat percentage. The Body Mass Index (BMI) of two people who have the same height and weight but have distinct body compositions may be the same. 

The body fat calculator determines your body type, percentage of body fat, and the number of calories you must burn to shed one percent of your body fat. This body fat % calculator provides you with all the details about measuring the body fat.

What Is Body Fat

What Is Body Fat

Body fat is necessary for a human being and does not always produce adverse effects. Fat is essential for our bodies and serves many purposes, while fat is of two types. Subcutaneous fat is the one present under the skin. Some vitamins in the body require fat to dissolve; fats also provide energy to our body. 

The other type of body fat is visceral fat, the kind of fat that no one wants. Visceral fat is present on top of the body and accumulates in the form of cushions, mainly in the abdominal area. The fat accumulating on top of an individual’s body increases the weight and causes cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

How To Calculate Body Fat ( Formula For Male And Female)

How To Calculate Body Fat ( Formula For Male And Female)

Fat percentage and its analysis can be different for everyone. The form, genes, sex, and age are unique to every individual; these factors can affect the body fat calculation. Factors such as body shape and hormones affect body fat calculation.  

There is a huge difference between the structure of one’s body and the fat percentages of men and women. Women usually have more fat than men, while men tend to have more muscle mass due to their gene structure.  

You first need to determine your body weight and check where your health lies with the help of this body fat percentage formula. Then BMI (Body Mass Index) needs to be calculated. To calculate BMI, height in meters is needed. 

The Formula For BMI : (Weight Kgs) / (Height Meters)^2

And the final step arrives, you can now calculate the body fat based on your gender, but that still has a margin of error for obese people. 

Formula For Women

  • Percentage of body fat = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 5.4  

Formula For Men

  • Percentage of body fat = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 16.2   

Thus, a health-conscious person can easily estimate body fat percentage, which helps to know about their health. Many factors like age and hormones can still affect the rate.  

Why Is It Important To Calculate The Percentage Of Fat

Why Is It Important To Calculate The Percentage Of Fat

Everybody should be health-conscious, allowing us to live a better and more vibrant life. A person unaware of his health cannot live his life to the fullest, and he may miss the most beautiful moments. That said, we all know the best gift one can have is health.   

Awareness of one’s health is essential; still, most people don’t care about that. The body fat calculation is necessary to know the fitness level in routine life. Levels may vary according to the daily activities of, i.e., an athlete. In this guide, you also get the answer on using how to measure body fat calculator.

Conversely, low body fat is linked to several medical issues. Low body fat may affect reproductive health, create gastrointestinal difficulties, decrease cardiovascular function and promote internal organ atrophy. Using a skinfold body fat calculator online can prevent situations like this. 

Additionally, fat insulates the remainder of your body, including your organs. This is why gaining weight before winter is a good idea since fat keeps you warm in chilly climates. Once you calculate body fat percentage accurately, you can compare your results to the data and average rate.

For Example, 

A body fat percentage of 21-33 is average for women of age 20-40 years old. 

A body fat percentage of 8-19 is average for men of age 20-40 years old.  

How To Use Body Fat Calculator

How To Use Body Fat Calculator

We are here to guide you if you have never used a body fat calculator before. You can visit the Body Fat Calculator website and calculate the percentage. This is the best body fat calculator online with maximum results and accuracy. You will require some variables for calculation that you can measure easily.  

Body Fat Calculator

require require

Your body fat is ......

Recommended amount:20-25%8-14%
Adults in United States, average :22-25%15-19%
Obese :30+%25+%

Most people cannot predict how to measure body fat through calculators. This is the most convenient  (percent body fat calculator) using height and weight available online. Guess how much we like this tool; you might say we are a part of the body fat calculator army.  

The body fat percentage calculator may determine your total body fat based on particular measures. If you are more familiar with the SI Units, select the “Metric Units” option (SI). Step to the nearest quarter-inch for optimal results (0.5 cm). This works on the same principle as the US navy body fat calculator.

Affecting Factors

Affecting Factors

Many factors affect the body fat percentage, and there is always a slight chance of error. But the most common factors that provide the maximum accuracy are Age, Weight, Height, Neck, and Waist. While for women, a new entity of hip is also needed in cms. This way to measure body fat at home is easy and calculated through the online body fat calculator.  Moreover, measuring body fat at home is accurate!

How To Take Measurements

How to Take Measurements

Age and weight can be calculated easily; the challenge comes when measuring your body parts’ length. The online calculator offers the body fat percentage by providing some length variables of your body parts. 


The weight is easy to measure; every gym must have a weight measuring machine. You can also get your weight checked by any healthcare store or clinic. Write the importance down in kilograms, and let’s move to the remaining entities. You can also find a body fat loss calculator online to compare the weight afterward. 


Height calculation is fundamental and should be in centimeters. Height should be measured standing straight up from toes to head. Measure the length using the measuring tape and note the value. 


Starting behind the larynx and sloping downhill to the front, measure the individual’s neck circumference. The channel is to be measured nearly the same way as the circumference. The person must refrain from arching their neck.   


Measure the diameter of your hips at the broadest buttocks to determine where to position the measuring tape. Measure the length in centimeters halfway between the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribs to choose your waist circumference.  


At the broadest part of your buttocks, measure the diameter of your hips. Measure around the waist, halfway between the top of the hips and the bottom of your ribs, to determine your waist circumference. 

How To Achieve Ideal Body Fat Percentage   

How To Achieve Ideal Body Fat Percentage

High body fat weight has many disadvantages. Gaining the ideal body fat percentage is a dream for many people. But it can be achieved by just making your diet according to the well-researched effective methods. The table gives the information on how to measure the body fat calculator and gives the attributes. 


Age  Men  Women 
20 17.7% 8.5% 
25 18.4%  10.5% 
30 19.3%  12.7% 
35 21.5%  13.7% 
40 22.2%  15.3% 
45 22.9%  16.4% 
50 25.2%  18.9% 
55 26.3%  20.9% 
60+ 17-25%  22-33% 

Body Composition And Factors

Body Composition And Factors

Body composition is a valuable source of knowledge for body fat percentage. However, because each individual has different body composition, there are unavoidable circumstances that might have an impact on your body composition. 



Escalating age comes with the ultimate loss of muscle mass, which changes the makeup of one’s body. However, a decline in physical activity is the leading cause of age-related muscle loss.  



Genes determine the overall body shape, composition, and the type of fat a person is going to have in the body. Some hereditary body types may have higher body fat that is challenging to remove. 



Hormones also affect how the body is made up. Male sex hormone testosterone promotes muscular growth.  



Women have more fat mass than males due to heredity and hormones. Thus, gender plays an important role in body composition, including fats. 

How To Reduce Body Fat

How To Reduce Body Fat

An athlete is doing a great diet if he could maintain the right balance between exercise and diet to achieve the goals of changing the overall body composition. Slow and steady adjustments are preferable to gain muscle and shed fat. Mostly It’s essential to keep in mind that some elements will continue to be beyond your control. Consult your nutritionist for advice before making any dietary or exercise modifications.  

Training And Exercise

Training And Excercise

Muscles work against resistance during a strength-training workout. Over time, it promotes strength and muscular mass, and it typically entails lifting weights. Research shows that muscle strength has various positive effects on health, particularly in fat reduction.  

Resistance exercise for four to six weeks may help promote weight loss by a total of 1.46 percent, according to a study of 58 research. Additionally, visceral fat—a kind of fat covering your abdomen’s internal organs—and total fat mass may be significantly reduced. 

Get More Sleep

Get More Sleep

One easy way to achieve and live a healthy lifestyle is to go to bed early and try to sleep in a little later. Numerous studies link losing weight to getting enough sleep. One 10-year research found an increased risk of obesity in young women who slept less than 6 hours every night.  

Another tiny study found that low-calorie diet followers lost less fat when they slept one hour less each night than a control group. According to another study, a lack of sleep may be linked to changes in hunger hormones, an increase in hunger, and a greater risk of obesity.  



Increasing your consumption of good fats may minimize weight gain, although this may seem paradoxical. Compared to a low-fat diet, 12-month research found that adopting a Mediterranean diet high in good fats from nuts and olive oil led to higher long-term weight loss.  

Another study found that meals rich in olive oil significantly decreased body mass and fat accumulation compared to diets lacking olive oil. 

Additionally, consuming more trans fats, a kind of lipid frequently found in greasy or processed meals, is linked to an increase in long-term weight gain.  

Methods To Measure Body Fat Percentages


Skinfold calipers are affordable for calculating body fat. They are particularly suitable for assessing body composition when other methods requiring expensive equipment or specialist training are not accessible since they are reasonably simple. 

Body Measurements

This technique uses a tape measure to measure specified body locations. An equation using these data is then used to calculate body fat percentage.  

Measure each part’s circumference with a non-stretch measuring tape, recording the results to the closest half-inch. The article thoroughly discusses this method with all the required guidelines to get you going.  

Scales For Body Fat Measurement

Fat mass scales merge weight scales with a device known as a foot-to-foot impedance meter, in contrast to conventional scales, which solely measure body weight.  

The FFI measures the body’s reaction after applying electrical currents to calculate fat and muscular mass. The scale uses these variations to calculate body fat by comparing how muscle and fat react to electrical currents differently. 

Using smart scales has several disadvantages, even if it is one of the easiest ways to determine the fat mass calculator in a home environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Studies show that a skinfold caliper is a great way to measure your body fat accurately. These portable devices pinch and gauge the density of under-the-skin fat in several body parts, such as the triceps, thigh, and belly.  
1 to 2 pounds can be lost per week. This indicates that a healthy objective would be losing 4 to 8 pounds monthly. It also depends upon your age, weight, and height. 
Body fat scales are easy and convenient, but they are not highly accurate. There is a pool of body fat calculators available online. All of them serve the same purpose and are easy to use. 

Final Thoughts

Body fat is a great way to know where someone stands on the health scale. For calculating fat percentage, now you know how to measure body fat calculator. The best way to calculate body fat is by using body composition calculator. A person may be in an extreme health category and still don’t know about it. So, after reading this article, we hope the readers are well aware of body fat percentage and its importance in determining your health. Apply the discussed methods if you belong to an unhealthy category, give your body some exercise, improve your diet, get more sleep and ask your physician’s opinion. 

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