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How To Learn Yoga Without A Class And An Instructor

How To Learn Yoga Without A Class

Yoga is a practice of mental, and physical practices which was introduced by the ancient Indian people. It is a discipline of life that teaches you to balance, power and flexibility. It is not important to enroll in a class for yoga but you must join yoga from an online course for a while to have some upper-hand guidance. Self taught yoga is possible but you need to create a whole regime of bringing it into practice daily. Is it stressful for you not to be able to attend a class? Do not worry we are here to provide you with tips on how to learn yoga without a class.

Even though yoga brings peace and tranquillity you should still consult a doctor because it requires physical effort. Over time, yoga has turned into a common practice around the globe, and not only those with fat but every other person has grasped yoga as a part of their everyday ritual. F is a combination of different poses so you need to work on each pose till you find what benefits you the most. 

How To Learn Yoga Without A ClassHow Do You Start Doing Yoga Alone

How Do You Start Doing Yoga Alone Follow these tips to know how to learn yoga at home. To do yoga at home you must start with learning what tips to follow: 

Find Yourself The Right Style

Yoga has lots of types and poses so you need to understand which style works for you. You must first make it clear what you are expecting from your yoga. Do you want it to be relaxing after a day full of stress or do you want it to give you peace from your back ache or to reduce your belly fat? So take help from the internet to find yoga for beginners. 

Find A Comforting Spot At Home

If you can separate a room for yoga that is the best way of finding the right spot, but if not a room then finds yourself a peaceful spot. Look for a quiet and serene place at home that gives you enough space at home. Look for an empty wall so that you can easily do the poses which require a wall. To create a more warming atmosphere you can take help from the scented candles which would motivate you further. But, remember to choose a spot that is away from things you might bump into like a table or a chair. 

Get Yourself Some Yoga Add-Ons

This is a tested way that if you get yourself your required accessories you will feel motivated towards your work. The add-ons are not much but just a good yoga mat and maybe some nice outfits. Look for a nice quality yoga mat so that you do not end up slipping while doing your yoga. Other accessories like blocks can be replaced with things around the home like maybe stacks of books. Lastly, you can even purchase books to learn about yoga. 

Stay Away From Injurious Things

If you do your yoga in areas where there might be items like tables or chairs you might get injured bumping on any. If because of any pose you feel some discomfort, relax a little and look for your mistake. You might be either over-pressuring your body or following the pose incorrectly. Remember to start with a warm session so your body is ready for what comes next. 

Choose Yourself A Routine

To get better at yoga the only thing is to do more yoga. Practice makes you better at it. Look for some nice programs where you look at a series of videos to practice. Now look for what teacher and style suit you so that you follow them for the next few days. You can even take help from yoga poses book. 

Practice Savasana And Ease Up On It

It is vital to give your body some time and to relax with it. Savasana helps you relax. It helps your nervous system cool down after the entire yoga you just practiced because sometimes yoga gets intense. 

Be Regular With Your Yoga

You need to be constant when you want to attain benefits from a certain practice. Even though doing yoga 3-4 times a week benefits you but if you need to get the results every day and want the calming feeling to stay then take out time and practice it daily. Try not to make goals that are unrealistic because sometimes these goals demotivate you and stress you up. 

Enjoy What You Do

If you overburden your body, you will start to hate the practice you are doing. Hence, give yourself the breaks and go slow. Do less but enjoy what you do to find yourself working more towards it. Over time you will start to do more yoga. 

 How To Learn Yoga Yourself 

How To Learn Yoga Yourself 

Choose A Guide

You need to know what makes you motivated. Have a look at various videos and then choose the one that makes you enjoy the yoga practice more. Start with videos that only work for beginners so that your pace is on hold. Do not start instantly but have a closer look at the poses and the yoga class instruction might help you in learning them appropriately. Focus on breathing. Be open to different poses and different styles and be happy with the little steps you take. Yoga from youtube videos is fun if you like the teacher. You might find videos like ‘Do Yoga with me and can have a proper follow-up with them. 

Work On Your Breathing And Practice It On And Off

It is very important to control your breathing. You need to synchronize your movements and your breathing. Yoga is more dependent on your breathing and you might end up holding your breath during some difficult poses at times so you must practice in that area. Learn to inhale and exhale the right way and at the right time. 

Record Yourself

When you work with a yoga teacher they keep a check on you but if you’re doing it alone it takes time but you learn to monitor your body. Record your body when you are doing the poses so that you can have a look at what mistake you might be making. If you do your yoga alone, you will need to work a little more.  

Advantages Of Yoga Without A Teacher

Advantages Of Yoga Without A Teacher 

  • It helps you work at your pace and not a teacher’s pace. 
  • You give your body time and get to know what is working for your body. 
  • You even find some new techniques while researching for poses and learn that your body can do certain postures better. 
  • You can make your routine and practice in your own time. 
  • It is economical.  
  • You have nobody judging your body and poses. 
  • You have a hold on what atmosphere you practice in. 
  • When you practice yoga at home you tend to easily grow flexible because you can do a certain pose many times in a day which further increases your determination too. 
  • Learning yoga online is best way.

Disadvantages Of Yoga Without A Teacher 

Disadvantages Of Yoga Without A Teacher 

  • You do not have an instructor to monitor you and guide you all the time when you are doing a certain pose. Eventually, you have to do your research and practice the poses on your own. Hence, you only depend on yourself. 
  • You might fall into a bad posture and end up holding the poses for a long time which might risk your health. Without upper hand guidance, you won’t know when to stop. 
  • You won’t meet anybody new. Meeting new people helps in interacting and learning from their experiences.  
  • If you rely on online videos you might face internet problems which may lead to you skipping classes.  
  • You will have to buy new equipment such as blocks and a mat. It is not only about the money but the space these would take in your homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can teach yourself yoga but you will require more effort and time in doing so. The best you can do is look for nice yoga online courses to see what goes well for you and the carry on with yoga self practice.
You should start with strengthening your body and wear clothes that will motivate you. Eat light before you do your yoga and then right before yoga you should shut down every other thing. Learn the names of the poses so that you know what you are doing. Lastly, you must also be nice to your body so that you can practice more and enjoy your yoga.
Yoga is a safe one to practice at home but there are risks of injury if you do certain poses that you do not know of. So just go at a pace that works well with your body.


After reading this handy guide you understand the best way to learn yoga at home.And learning yoga on your own. Hence, practicing and working without an instructor is a challenging task but not impossible. When there’s a will there’s a way. The starting period might be a little tough for you to research which teacher and video to follow, but once your body gets habitual to a certain routine you will start enjoying it. Yoga is no doubt beneficial for you, so you must take out time and get yourself started.  

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