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How To Go From Beginner To Advanced Yoga – Ultimate Guide

How To Go From Beginner To Advanced yoga

Yoga is one of the most practiced exercises today. All levels of yoga help to reduce body pain and improve your posture. However, it may not be as easy as it sounds. If you can accomplish any of its poses effortlessly then you are not in the right class. Yoga is about evolving and pushing past your boundaries, hence, it requires time, patience, and a lot of endurance. The key to master yoga is endurance and consistency, the more you practice every day, the more you get better. Yoga progression can only be achieved by pure hard work and consistency, it is not easy to move forward but requires time and patience as well. The most important part of the process is sticking to your routine and following it every day, making sure that you are improving each day and gaining more control over your body. 

There are various levels of yoga classes, each with its own level of difficulty. When you start, all levels of yoga will be hard for you, but with consistency and strong will, you can master any pose and move towards a higher level. Doing yoga before a workout is amazing to warm up your body, it relaxes your mind, calms you, and makes you ready for the intense training you are about to go through. So, let us start by discussing easy yoga poses that are usually performed by beginners and move on to higher difficulties along with it. 

How To Go From Beginner To Advanced yogaYoga Levels Defined: Beginner To Advanced 

Yoga Levels Defined : Beginner To Advanced 

Yoga like any other exercise requires hard work, but as a beginner, you should keep in mind to be patient and not be hasty when you see someone who can easily perform certain poses. As a beginner, you should learn the foundational poses that strengthen your core and spine, such as the cobra pose. You should learn control over your body and muscles.

Level 1 Yoga 

Level 1 Yoga 

Level 1 Yoga class has a slow start, but as you will gradually progress, your body will develop muscle memory and be used in various postures. This level is Yoga for beginners and helps accomplish the basic postures. These postures are somewhat the antecedents of intermediate yoga poses. Beginner yoga poses include Mountain Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Seated Forward Fold, Standing Forward Fold, Child’s Pose, Cobra Pose, Plank Pose, and Halfway Lift. 

If you feel comfortable while performing these postures then you are prepared to move on to Level 2.  

Level 2

Level 2Now Level 2 is a place where you are considered someone between a beginner and an intermediate. Now that your foundation has been built, Level 2 Yoga classes will teach you more about balance. Learning and applying is the key to mastering Level 2. If you are nervous, it is fine, just give it a try and you will do just fine. During Level 2 you will understand hand mudras, breathing techniques, and how to use “bandhas” during class (i.e., internally barring energy into the body by engaging regions of the body).  

Level 2 Poses include Sun Salutation A, Guided Crow Pose, Half Moon, Wild Thing, Beginning Headstands, Handstands At The Wall, and Eagle Pose.  

Now as you gain confidence and feel comfortable performing these postures then you are prepared to advance to Level 3.  

Level 3

Level 3 Level 3 Yoga is referred to as the intermediate to the advanced zone. Now you should know that the poses will get complicated as the yoga levels of difficulty increase. The poses that you will need to perform in Level 3 are going to require more time and effort. Think of it as taking your Yoga practice up a notch. For instance, handstands are not easy and require day-to-day practice to master. The purpose of Level 3 is to help you gain more control over your muscles so that you understand your body and know when to push or pull, and how much to push or pull. It not only requires your body but also the presence of your mind. It makes you build a connection between your mind and body to work simultaneously. Level 3 yoga poses include Crane Pose, Handstands away from the wall, Eight Angle Pose, Plow Pose, Camel Pose, and Peacock Pose.  

Level 3 and Level 4 are extremely challenging. However, if you want to progress and learn at an advanced level, learn long handstands, and become more strong both mentally and physically, Level 4 is the way for you.  

Level 4

Level 4

Level 4 is the most advanced phase of yoga. If you want to master level 4 you have to have a passion for this kind of vigorous exercise. Yoga Level 4 is known to teach you swift movement, gymnasts, advanced handstands, and all other kinds of advanced stuff that people do in an attempt to push beyond their boundaries. 

If you have never explored this type of movement, it might seem like it is entirely out of your grasp. However, if you have passion and are curious about those complicated postures, and various handstand postures and movements, you should give this advanced level a try. It is not a skill that you can master it overnight. These skills take quite a long time to master and they require consistency and hard work every day. Are you prepared for the challenge? 

Most poses in Level 4 of Yoga require balance and strength. Some people refer to these as intense physical exercises that involve foundational exercises, but it is advanced yoga. Advanced yoga requires you to be flexible, while others require strength in the wrists, elbows, and abdominal muscles. 

As you will progress to advanced yoga, you will realize how much your emotions affect your daily practice. It may be more problematic to sustain more difficult postures when you are having a mentally harsh day. On the other hand, when you are feeling energetic and mentally relaxed, your yoga practice will be way easier. 

Level 4 exercises include King Pigeon Pose, Firefly Pose, Advanced Handstands Like One-Handed Handstands, Forearm Handstands (Pincha Mayurasana), and Scorpion Pose. 

Tips For Moving Up From Beginner To The Intermediate Practice

It is difficult to move forward in any exercise, and that includes yoga as well. However, following these tips will surely help you move towards the intermediate level more quickly and easily. Be consistent and do not give up, following this routine will be hard, but it will be worth the trouble. Building your foundation is the key to reaching even advanced poses. Practicing every day, and enduring the pain due to stiff muscles being stretched may be hard to endure, however, this is part of the process. Moving up to beginner is no joke, you have to strengthen your core, arms, spine, and many muscles so that your base is strong as you climb up the ladder and reach the intermediate level. Additionally, you can easily learn yoga without a class or at home by using these guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no precise time with how soon you will see your expected outcomes, as this all relies on your amount of practice, age, and consistency. Regardless, people generally see results within 3 to 6 months, and the more frequently that you practice, the more your body will develop, become flexible and endure more.
You feel that you are stronger, and wiser on the mat, you become used to hearing Sanskrit, and you feel more flexible. You get more curious about the next level, and you feel safe performing all basic postures.
Beginner yoga workouts should do about two to three yoga sessions each week in the beginning. This will guarantee that your body gets used to various postures and stretches that you will be working on as you move forward to the intermediate level.


Yoga is a brilliant way of meditating and opening your mind. It helps relax your muscles and removes the tension that you have. It is a fantastic way of accomplishing a healthy body, which stays fit in the later years of our life as well. Advanced yoga is an amazing way to test your strength and willpower. Though it may be difficult, mastering advanced yoga not only makes you more flexible and stronger but can also help you later on in life. It provides you with a nice posture and keeps you fit, making you look beautiful at the same time.    

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