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10 Best Hip Abductor Excercises For Elderly And Seniors


Adductor muscles are a very sufficient group of muscles that are located on our inner thighs and allow us to move our legs toward the middle of our body. We would have additional force on the hips, knees, and back which would make it painful for us to walk if our hip abductor muscles are weak.

This is why hip abductor muscles are considered to be important muscles as they stabilize our hips while we are moving. There are various hip stretching exercises for seniors to build up these muscles as their abductor’s muscles weaken as they grow older


Benefits Of Hip Abduction

Having strong hips can improve performance in sports. Many athletes use the support of hip adductors which gives them the ability to better performance. They are allowed to run and jump without any injury because of their strong hip adductors. Adductor stretch yoga and exercises help keep you fit and strong while you grow and can prevent many injuries you can get affected. However, adductors can also be neglected sometimes because they can be difficult to properly train.

Their primary function is to provide stability to the lower body. The task of the adductors is to strengthen our lower body which makes us strong to perform various actions we perform regularly in our life such as walking, climbing stairs, and squatting. They play a sufficient role while exercising. Athletes are dependent on these muscles for intense activities such as jumping, running, and quickly moving from one side to another.

Why Is Hip Abduction Strength Important

Why Is Hip Abduction Strength ImportantThe function of a hip abductor is not only to move a leg but also to rotate it without any difficulty at the hip joint. They are important as they allow our body to stay strong while walking or standing on only one leg. Deficiency in these muscles can result in pain and interfere with actual movement. If the muscles are weak they can lead to instability in the pelvic movements which could to more problems. If the outer muscles are stressed it can cause pain due to the damage. Which will bring rapid changes in your knee valgus movement. Unusual knee valgus movements can cause your knees to collapse toward your knee flexes. During your squats or lunges, you can see the visible change in the opposite side of your pelvis which might be collapsing downward. Here’s a guide that discusses how to stretch abductor muscles and why you should

10 Best Hip Abductor Exercises For Elderly

10 Best Hip Abductor Exercises For Elderly

There are some very common myths in minds of elderly people. They always believe as they get older they cant do exercise because exercises are always for young generations. However, they also think that they don’t have enough energy to challenge their body through different exercises. The only way to motivate the elder generation is to make them try different exercises of strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. You can always inspire them by telling them they can always make exercise buddy enjoy their exercise sessions.

Elders should ensure their safety during the exercise. If they have a problem with stability, it is always recommended to perform the exercise while sitting down or lying. The instability is due to lower glute strength. However, if any exercises need to be performed while standing up so make sure there is a table, chair, or a railing to hold it in case you are out of balance. For exercise, You need very basic things like a flat and firm surface, a yoga mat, and a strength band.

Below are some of the exercises for hip abductors:

Standing Hip Flexor

Hip flexors are the muscles around the ball and socket joints that connect your leg to the upper body. This exercise aids in helping the legs to be more upwards to your body. When standing hip flexor is performed it increases flexibility in your body. However, everyone should be careful if they sit for a longer period on a hip flexor. It will cause the hip flexors to be tightened which will eventually result in sharp pain in the pelvis.

Butterfly Hip Thrust

This exercise is usually added to the glute workout This also targets the lower body. It is performed while lying on a firm surface where the legs are joined together and the knee is put outwards by creating a diamond shape. Elders should ensure that they position their needs in the correct posture otherwise they will be in pain in the end.

Deep Lunge With Hip Circles

Lunges are an exercise that usually targets muscles around your hips, ankles, and knees. The hip circle is the band that is placed on the knee for resistance. Hip circles can help elders to open up their abductors and correct the imbalance in the hips due to weakness.

Bent knee Circles

Quad and calves are the main motives for this exercise. This particular exercise helps to relieve your pain and lessen your stiffness in the lower body. The tip is to take the smaller circles for pain-free movements. After this exercise, your body will be ready for tougher workouts of hips.

Prone Straight Leg Raises

One of the most important exercises for your hip, spine, and lower body is straight leg raise. It helps to recover from hip replacement, lumbar surgery, or knee surgery.  This is a very easy exercise to perform, However, while performing you will experience alignment aches and pain but if they are sharp you should immediately contact the physical therapist.

Banded Hip hinge Abduction

This is one of the most successful abductor exercises to target the largest muscle of the body near the pelvis. This exercise must be performed sitting on a chair or a comfortable bench.

Side-lying Hip Raises

This exercise involves your leg being involved from your midline. The tip in this exercise is always to keep your legs straight and if you feel pressure in your lower back put your legs down immediately. Additionally, ensure your knees aren’t locked up because it helps to improve the body’s stabilization.

Lying Hip Flexion

This is the exercise that brings your knees above the waist to the chest. It is always recommended by the trainers to keep the posture right otherwise tight flexors could lead to lower back pain, abnormality in walking, or increased risk of injury while performing exercises.

Side Hip raises

The stretches help to build strength in your legs. They help to rapidly increase the glutes. Glutes are necessary for older age so that the lower body and legs are more stable and they avoid falls or disbalances. Also, this exercise helps in muscle endurance which means resistance again the challenges in the body is stronger.

Stand-Up Knee Raise

This is the exercise that also involves legs going up to your chest. Again, it involved muscles like the hip and spine. This exercise can help elderly people avoid muscle asymmetries. It is the condition where all the muscles in the body should be symmetrical because if the muscles are smaller, larger, or different sizes on both sides it will cause muscle imbalance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can know if the abductor is weak or not and you will start observing pain in your hips. You will find it difficult in bending, standing, running, or climb stairs. However, some tests can be taken to ensure if the abductor is weak or not.
You can know if the abductor is weak or not and you will start observing pain in your hips. You will find it difficult in bending, standing, running, or climb stairs. However, some tests can be taken to ensure if the abductor is weak or not.
It is always recommended by the trainers to perform hip abduction exercises twice or thrice per week. It is not recommended to overburden your body.


If you want to have an active lifestyle till your retirement it is mandatory to perform all the exercises so that there is an ease in pain, stiffness, and tightness in your hips. Strong abductors help you prevent any serious injuries like the dislocation of the hip which is very common in older ages. You should always keep one thing in mind during the exercise you have to keep appropriate balance and the perfect posture.  Balancing always helps with a straight posture. You should also have a diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so the exercises are easier and less painful. Now, it’s time to put on the yoga mat and start the exercises so that you have a stressful retirement life and better health so you can be happier.

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