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Different Types Of Sets Workout – A Complete Guide

Different Types Of Sets Workout

Everyone is in the race to attain a good figure and strong muscular power. They want a strong body full of six-packs. Although it seems attractive, it requires a lot of struggle and passion. Workout or exercise opens new avenues for our keen young generation to get good muscular strength and body shape. It helps in making your body energetic and full of strength. With time, the different types of sets of workout sessions yield positive outcomes as your body becomes ready to consume some calories. 

For this purpose, different weightlifting sessions are quite instrumental to achieving the target of a strong body. Weightlifting sessions usually differ in employing different weights for different periods. Weightlifting is not defined by the weight and volume of your dumble and time: for how much time you will hold it. These parameters narrowly define weightlifting’s goals. These are important things but not as much as others. 

Every person knows about their body requirement, like how much bodybuilding weight your body can easily bear without reaching the threshold level. 

Different Types Of Sets Workout

Different Types Of Sets Workout

There are different weightlifting workout sets crucial for making your body, strengthening your muscles, and achieving your fitness goals. 

Straight Sets

Straight setsIt is a traditional method of weightlifting. In this method, work is usually performed in an outdated manner. In these sets, you need to take a break of one to three minutes before starting another set with straight reps. This exercise is usually designed for beginners recently enrolled in weightlifting training programs. There are different reasons for it. First of all, beginners can’t afford to carry massive weight at this stage of their training. They will be bereft of attaining basic strength if they directly start from high-level weightlifting. So here are some weightlifting reps vs. sets guidelines that will also tell you how long should you rest between sets: 

  • For body strength, sets from 2-10; reps of 1-3, and a rest times of 2 minutes would suffice. 
  • For muscle size and growth, sets from 4-10, reps of 5-10, and rest of 60 seconds to 1 minute would be suggested. 
  • For body endurance, sets from 2-3, rep set of 14-25, and a rest of 30 seconds 

Super Sets

Super SetsIn this type of set, two different kinds of bodybuilders workouts are involved without any rest interval. In this exercise, there are two possibilities :

  • You can perform a bodybuilding workout on the same paired muscles, which is called an Agonist.
  •  Different opposing muscles can also be used for this exercise called Antagonist.
  • It is a well-efficient exercise as it helps you get rid of all cardiovascular ailments and improves blood supply.

Three different exercises can also be applied to the same muscles, called Tr-sets. Giant sets involving 4 different exercises on the same muscle.

Compound Sets

Compound setsThere is a negligible difference between compound sets and supersets. Workout is only performed in this exercise on the same muscle group. 

Drop Sets

Drop Sets

In this exercise, you perform exercise continuously, but once little fatigue or failure sets in, you take little exercise. Then, taking a break, you can shift your workout from high weight to low weight for incessant reps and sets. This is the best way to enhance the endurance and strength of your muscles. 

Pyramid Sets

Pyramid setsThis exercise entails enhancing the number of reps in ascending order. For example, as a beginner, you can start with 12 reps with 30 lbs weight; after some time, you can increase it to 8 reps with 40lbs and eventually 4 reps with 45lbs weight. It is very helpful in increasing your stamina and muscular strength with continuous reps and sets. 

Rest-pause Sets

Rest-pause setsIt is a continuous series of exercises with little rest intervals. It is used when you have two specific goals to achieve in your mind: The first is Strength training, and the second is hypertrophy/muscular growth. 

Keeping in view all these facts, it is imperative to align your workout with your weightlifting objectives. Attaining a good body and muscular strength is not a result of just one- or two-month efforts. It is a long period that demands patience, passion, and optimism. Start with giving your body the challenge of holding a minimum weight, and you will see considerable improvement over time. And eventually, your body will learn to hold many heavyweights for longer periods. This is a real achievement. 

Most weightlifting programs put a special emphasis on sets, repetitions in exercise, speed, and rest time. So, to start a resistance exercise, you must have an idea about these terms. Without understanding them, it is impossible to attain your goals regarding your body and strength. 

What Is A Rep In Exercise?

What is a Rep in exerciseThe question of what a repetition in an exercise exhibit revolves around the repetition, like how many times you perform a resistance exercise. It shows the number of your weightlifting sets exercises. 

For example, if you were determined to perform push-ups and just completed your first movement of push-ups, it would be your first rep. 

In contrast, if you performed just 5-6 movements, it would be considered your five to six rep. 

Now a question usually comes to your mind, What is the effective way to increase reps? The answer lies in your competency and the ability of your body and muscle to endure pain. To start, you must start with 1-2 repetitions. In this way, you will be able to develop requisite resistance over time. 

There are three different ranges of rep weights according to your strength. It consists of three types which are the following:

Power Training

Power trainingIt is usually designed for those people who lift low weights for a short time, or you can say that for low rep. The amount of rep for this training falls in the range of 1-4 rep for gaining maximum power or strength. Moreover, if we look at powerlifters, they usually perform reps in 1-2 to gain better strength. 

Muscle Building Capacity

Muscle building capacityThis training is meant for those eager to enhance the size and diameter of their muscles. Muscular strength usually lies in this category. And optimum numbers of rep for this training are around 7-12. You can also perform rep in the range of 6-10. 

Endurance Capacity

Endurance capacityIt involves lifting light weights. But, the number of repetition workouts should be higher than 16 to perform this training. Such training will help enhance your endurance capacity and your body strength. 

What Is A Set In Exercise?

What is set in exerciseSets in a workout represent the number of repetitions you have performed for a certain period. For example, if you lift a simple, lightweight object several times in a row, then you take a rest and again perform the procedure 6 times. It would be called two sets of six reps in Muscle Toning Workouts for Females.

The quantity of rest intervals between sets relies on your ability and endurance. If you can complete all reps in workout in the requisite time with frequency, you can rest for 2-5 minutes. However, the ideal rest time between the sets is based on the rep ranges.

Time For Rest

Time for restThere are some recommendations about timing for rest. For example, three to five minutes would suffice for power training. Comparably, 2-3 minutes would be suggested for those indulged in muscle-building capacity. For endurance, thirty seconds of rest between sets would be suggested.

Here is the chart of workout reps and sets for your better understanding of bodybuilding training sets. It will also tell you how many reps and sets are required per day? And how to do reps and sets exactly?

Ranges  Reps  Sets  Rest time 
Body strength  ≤5  2 to 5  Three to five minutes 
Muscular strength  ≥7  3 to 6  Two to three minutes 
Endurance  ≤12  2 to 3  Thirty seconds to 1 minute 

 The question ofhow to count reps and sets depends upon your movements. During a muscular exercise, if you make movements 7-8 times during a muscular exercise, you make 7-8 reps. As mentioned above, collective reps make sets; this movement will be your one set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Much emphasis is placed on your body strength and muscular growth during a workout with little emphasis on what your body wants. Incessant exercising fatigues your body and leaves little power in your body for the next sets. Hence, it is important to have rest between sets of an exercise, as rest intervals charge your body with the required strength for your next sets. 
Your goal also defines your rest period. The rest period depends on your type of workout and range of reps. If you are going for body training, 3-5 minutes are enough; for muscular growth, 2-3 minutes and for endurance, 30sec-1minutues are sufficient. The optimum range for rest lies between 2-5 minutes, enough for your body's development of the body. 
Yes, everyone must take time between sets irrespective of their strength level. If you are a novice, you must rest for 60-120 seconds to regain the strength of your body. You can also do exercise with 20 seconds sets.
If a bodybuilder is a novice, it will take a lot of time and effort to reach a professional level. Being a bodybuilder, a workout of 3-4 hours per day is sufficient. For a pro-bodybuilder, 5-6 hours per day are usually recommended to excel in various competitions. 

Final Thoughts

Weightlifting and resistant exercises are important for your body and muscles’ development. It shapes your lifestyle and urges you to take care of your nutritional-oriented diet. Eventually, you move towards a progressive journey in your life. 

In this weight lifting sets and reps guide, we have discussed the details of weighs of bodybuilding  along with the workout sets and reps chart. The ideal rest time between sets is different for each person depending on their strength and body type. But, the ideal time is to wait 30 seconds to rest between sets if you are unsure about the resting time. 

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