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Cityrow Vs Hydrow – Which Is Better To Buy ?

Cityrow Vs Hydrow

Cityrow vs Hydrow it’s no surprise that the rowing machine is popular. It’s easier on your knees than on a treadmill and harder on your core than on an elliptical. Cityrow Rowing machine is a low-impact, high-intensity activity that is suitable for people of all fitness levels. Rowing’s effectiveness as an exercise makes it a go-to training regimen for folks who are short on time yet want to increase both cardio and strength. 

On the other hand, getting in a boat and rowing upstream isn’t particularly feasible for most people these days. Fortunately, fitness companies have leaped at the chance to make rowing-based workouts available from the convenience of your own home. And if you know you want a decent, functional rower with strong interactive programming, you may narrow your search to two rowers: The Hydrow assembly compared the CITYROW Max Rower Through various techniques, both rowers provide high-end features, superb construction, and a smooth and quiet rowing motion. There are also significant distinctions between the two, and in this comparison, we’ll look at which ideal for your space and lifestyle. 

Cityrow Vs HydrowIs Cityrow The Same As The Hydrow

These two rowers couldn’t be more unlike in terms of design and aesthetics! The Hydrow rower is contemporary, sleek, and appears to be straight out of a sci-fi film, but the CITY ROW prioritizes utility above aesthetics. 

The Hydrow rower is a steal for what you receive, and for a company recognized worldwide for its quality, technology, design, and production, the Hydrow rower is incredibly affordable. You also have access to a large library of on-demand sessions produced by some of the world’s greatest fitness coaches. 

The CITYROW is a rower constructed on a water resistance platform, which means it uses water instead of standard magnetic or electrically controlled resistance systems. The rower’s user experience is amazingly lifelike, and the sound of the water whirling around is almost fascinating. 

CITYROW Max Rower Vs Hydrow Rower 

  CITYROW Max Rower  Hydrow Rower 
Membership  $29/month or $348/year  $38/month 
Display  19.5” HD screen  22” HD screen 
Weight  61 lbs (dry) or 98 pounds with a 17-liter full water tank  145 lbs 
Footprint  In use: 83.5” length x 22.25” width x 20” height  Stored: 20” depth x 22.25” width x 83.5” height 
Warranty  The frame has a 5-year warranty, non-electronic components have a 3-year warranty, and the tablet has a 12-month warranty.  The frame and storage kit has a 5-year warranty, while the screen and any other electrical components have a 12-month warranty. 

What Are The Main Similarities 


The Hydrow rower has an electronically regulated resistance system, resulting in one of the smoothest, quietest, and most efficient training experiences available. The resistance adjustments are barely noticeable, and when it comes time to ramp up your intensity exertion, the Hydrow does it with faultless ease. 

In 2014, the CITYROW rower merged with WaterRower to create a resistance system based on, you guessed it, water. The resistance method is not a gimmick because water provides endless resistance that is only limited by the users. The sound of water splashing about may be hypnotic, and the feel and feeling you receive from it are as near to the actual thing as you can get. 


When it comes to the sheer number and excellent quality of exercises offered by Hydrow and city row workout, it’s difficult to blame any of them. 

Both offer live lessons as well as a vast library of on-demand programs for every fitness level. The curricula were devised by world-class coaches, and the classes are taught by some of the same coaches. With training routines targeting all regions of the body, including upper and lower, strength and conditioning, and aerobics, you will never be bored. Although the apps need a monthly cityrow cost, it is well worth the money and is meaningless without access to the workouts. 

Build Quality 

When it comes to having a water rower, many people believe that the water will become green, but this is not the case at all, and the water may stay fresh for months by simply applying a drop or pill of chlorine. Personally, I’d replace the water on a frequent basis to keep things clean and the rower functioning as smoothly as possible. 

The water rower has two advantages: first, it is simple to use; simply start rowing to create resistance, and second, the sound and feel of the water produced is almost therapeutic and gives you the sense of rowing outside. 

Price And Affordability 

Price and affordability are determined by your desire and what you want to get out of the equipment; what is inexpensive to us may not be affordable to someone else. 

With a price range of roughly $200, there is not a significant variation in price, so it will vary for most individuals depending on what you want. Both rowers come with good warranty terms, and you can’t go wrong with two of the most well-known names in the indoor rowing industry. 

CITYROW Max Rower Vs Hydrow Rower – How They Differ 

Features Of The CITYROW Max Rower 

The CITYROW Max Rower’s basic technology makes it substantially lighter than the Hydrow, improving mobility while moving the machine about the house. Because the Max Rower does not require a wall mount or any additional installation to store, it is a better rower to use when expecting guests or wanting more room. The screen can rotate 30 degrees to either side for convenient access to the interactive exercises in the city row workout app on and off the machine. 

When varying your row routine, the louder 20-watt speakers may also assist extend the area you utilize surrounding the rower by correctly providing sound to the whole room. The live and on-demand lessons are studio-style, which is ideal for folks who flourish in gym-style environments. If you like a more rustic and warm feel, the Max Rower’s sustainable black-stained wood and black aluminum frame would be great, as opposed to the Hydrow’s colder and more contemporary steel design. 

The city row reviews take pride in shipping this rower completely constructed and not charging a cost if returned during their 30-day trial period, whereas Hydrow charges a $250 return fee and only gives a 14-day trial period (unless you qualify as a first-time Hydrow customer or are purchasing the Hydrow during a promotion). The monthly membership for the city row rower app is also $9 cheaper, while still providing a wide range of programs. 

The Features Of Hydrow 

Hydrow has a large collection of stunning out-of-studio lessons that are enticing while attempting to excite your creativity. This option of interacting with a quieter or natural setting during exercising, rather than strictly studio-based programs, helps to distinguish hydrow rower monthly subscription. 

The on-water follow-along instruction is “very entertaining,” according to our testers. The computer-based control you have over the power behind your pull might make assessing or managing your performance feel simpler, despite both machines giving real-time measurements, enabling more exact and straightforward resistance and pressure computation. The Hydrow’s futuristic style is more than just a question of appearance; the rower’s steel and aluminum structure may make it more robust over time than the CITYROW Max Rower. 

Because the seat is higher off the ground, those with knee and joint disorders may find it easier to get on and off the machine. If the sound of splashing water does not appeal to you when rowing, Hydrow rower technology is nearly silent. Finally, if a larger screen size is important to you, the extra 2.5-inches that Hydrow’s display provides may make it a better pick. 

The Price

The CITYROW Max Rower is delivered fully constructed at your door and is returnable without charge. The Hydrow installation, on the other hand, charges a cost for in-home installation and may take two persons to assemble. 

The Max Rower ($2,195) is just $50 more than the Hydrow ($2,145), however, this price difference changes with the hydrow rower monthly subscription. Furthermore, Hydrow’s $80 storage kit charge may come as a surprise given that the rower already costs more than $2,000. 

The CITYROW Max Rower may be for you if you are on a limited budget and want a less hefty rower to manage in your house. However, if you have the room, don’t mind the more involved storage method, like a more modern style, and want outside interactive rowing alternatives, the Hydrow rower may be worth the price difference. 

Cityrow Vs Hydrow: Comparison Table

Image Product Features Price
Editor’s Choice

CITYROW Max Rower - Portable Rowing Machine for Home

CITYROW Max Rower – Portable Rowing Machine for Home

  • Weight Limit: 375lbs or 170kg.
  • Machine Weight: 74lbs or 334kg.
  • LCD Screen: 19.5” touch screen.
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Editor’s Choice

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

  • Weight Limit: 375lbs or 170kgs.
  • Machine Weight: 145lbs or 65kgs.
  • LCD Screen: 22” Touch Screen.
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Cityrow Vs Hydrow: Detailed Overview

1) CITYROW Max Rower – Portable Rowing Machine for Home

CITYROW Max Rower - Portable Rowing Machine for Home



The CITYROW Max Rower is a stationary rowing machine that is lightweight. To simulate the sensation of rowing a boat, the rower utilizes a water tank to provide resistance. A 19.5-inch HD sweat-proof adjustable touchscreen offers trainer-led interactive lessons and real-time stats to assist and inspire you and achieve your objectives. 

Why You Should Buy It 

Two Hi-Fi 10-watt speakers are supplied for programming if you exercise in a quiet environment. The rower folds up and stores effortlessly, taking up less floor space than a small table. Set the rower upright, adjust the television, and utilize the rower’s wheels for easy moving. 


  • User Weight Limit: 375lbs or 170kg 
  • Machine Weight: 74lbs or 334kg dry weight 
  • LCD Screen: 19.5” touch screen panel 
  • Rower Dimensions: When In Use: L 85” / 212cm /  W 22.25” / 57 cm  
  • 45.25” / 114.9cm When Stored Away: D 24” / 61 cm /Width 22.25” / 57 cm / Height 85” / 212 cm 

Product Information

Price $429.00 
Package Dimensions  ‎55 x 24 x 24 inches 
Package Weight  75 Pounds
Manufacturer CITYROW 

  • Simple to store.
  • Rower’s lightweight.
  • Speakers of high quality.
  • No outside rowing courses because of too low seat positioning.
  • Expensive.

Final Verdict 

The city row rowing machine see-through water resistance tank responds to each stroke with a mesmerizing wave, which helps to promote a relaxing and contemplative experience that many rowers like when rowing. 

2) Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine


Hydrow rower is designed for rowers looking for a quiet and stylish rowing machine. The innovative and gleaming design may be a decorative feature in any area. 

Why You Should Buy It 

Rowers who want to feel like they’re on the river but don’t want to refill their water tanks will love the innovative electromagnetic technology that replicates this sensation fairly well. Hydrow’s library has a large number of picturesque possibilities for rowers looking for outdoor-based interactive rowing. 


  • User Weight Limit: 375lbs or 170kgs 
  • Machine Weight: 145lbs or 65kgs 
  • LCD Screen: 22” Touch Screen with dirt and dust resistance  
  • Rower Dimensions: 86 inches x 25 inches x 47 inches 

Product Information

Price  $449.00 
Package Dimensions  91 x 33 x 18 inches 
Package weight  145 Pounds 
Manufacturer  Hydrow, Inc

  • The rower comes with a fantastic 5-year warranty.
  • The touch screen is cutting-edge and measures 22.”
  • The Hydrow, with a maximum weight of 375lbs, is ideal for even the heaviest of users.
  • The resistance is automatically controlled and gives a seamless and smooth rowing experience.
  • Bluetooth is a great benefit.
  • The Hydrow length does not fold and hence takes up a good lot of space.

Final Verdict 

Overall, the Hydrow installation or its specs is so crammed with cutting-edge technology and features that enhance the rowing experience that you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better machine on the market.

How Does CITYROW Max Rower Work

The CITYROW Max Rower delivers the row action and regulates intensity using a self-paced water drag. When a boat crew travels through the water, their effort is determined by the rate at which they row. They will need to row harder if they want to move faster through the water. This is simulated by the water-tank-based design, which eliminates the need for manually changeable resistance. A more rigorous workout on the Max Rower involves attempting to row faster, mirroring the real practice of rowing on water. If you want to feel like you’re transporting a heavier boat and crew, add more water; otherwise, lower it. 

How Does The Hydrow Rower Work

The Hydrow rower storage design seeks to replicate the feeling of rowing across the water as closely as possible without actually utilizing water. A smooth row may be expected when using a computer-controlled electromagnetic resistance. Because electromagnetic resistance is a frictionless technological mechanism, the Hydrow rower is significantly quieter than conventional rowing machines. The computer interface is used to control resistance. After construction, simply connect the computer to your WiFi or ethernet wire, strap in, and go. 

Why Choose A Smart Rower For Workouts 

Rowing does not require you to be a competitive rower to gain advantages. On each stroke, rowing machines, commonly known as ergometers or ergs, employ both your upper and lower body. As a result, your muscles are strengthened and toned, and your endurance improves. 

Rowing is a total-body workout that individuals of all fitness levels may do because it is low-impact. 

  1. It has meditative properties. 
  2. It is beneficial to your heart and lungs. 
  3. It increases strength and endurance. 
  4. It works well. 
  5. It’s an excellent alternative to the treadmill or elliptical machine. 
  6. The equipment is suitable for workouts rotines at home. 

Hydrow Vs Cityrow– Which Is Better To Buy 

The answer to whether the Hydrow or the city row rower is better for you is complex but easy. 

There is no “one” answer because most individuals will be wanting to acquire any piece of indoor workout equipment for a variety of reasons. Several additional considerations must be considered, all of which have a significant impact on the rower you choose. 

Budget, space, how often you intend to use the rower, whether or not other people will use it, your ambitions, and existing fitness levels must all be addressed. Only then should you consider purchasing a rower and putting down a large amount of money. 

But, honestly, you can’t go wrong with these two rowers if you take your time answering all of the questions above. Both rowers provide excellent workouts developed by renowned pros. The build quality is second to none, which means that if properly cared for, you should be able to row for many years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hydrow Upright Storage Kit allows you to keep your Hydrow upright in a secure manner. Once the equipment is properly installed in your house, upright storage should take no more than 30 seconds.
Membership is an essential component of the Hydrow rowers experience and should not be viewed as an alternative when purchasing. Everything that distinguishes Hydrow, including all premium exercise material and associated fitness features, will necessitate an active subscription. 
CITYROW is ideal for a day of cardio with a little weight training thrown in. You won't be sore the next day if you add resistance training to your workouts on a regular basis. CITYROW may be an excellent ClassPass or drop-in choice if you believe yourself to be particularly fit or athletic. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s unusual to examine City row vs Hydrow, two pieces of indoor exercise equipment that are faultless, but that’s exactly what we’ve done here. So, if you’re searching for a rowing machine that’s inexpensive, robust, and packed with cutting-edge technology, the Hydrow or CITYROW are excellent choices.

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