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Best Bulking Foods For Skinny Guys – Diet And Excercise

Best Bulking Foods For Skinny Guys

If you’ve been trying to build muscle for a while or want to bulk up, you’ve undoubtedly realized that training is only half the equation. There are a lot of nutrient-dense muscle-building foods that won’t break the bank. To build quality muscle mass, you need to consume the best bulking foods, with protein making up many calories. That large food intake can be quite costly, especially if you already have monthly dues for the gym and team. Skinny people can gain weight with multiple options, but trying bulking food is effective. This article talks about the best bulking foods for skinny guys to help you choose the right food.

Weight gain is often overshadowed by what many consider the more serious disease, obesity, and weight loss. While the latter can come with more health risks, the truth is that weight gain for slim men can be a huge problem that’s both irritating and annoying. The good news is that with careful planning and hard work, you can easily gain weight, and most importantly, by eating bulking foods.

Let’s discuss the best bulking foods for skinny guys. These high calorie foods for bulking will be very helpful!

Best Bulking Foods For Skinny Guys

Best Bulking Foods For Skinny Guys

There are a lot of best foods to bulk up, but the following are some of the best bulking foods.

Whole Eggs

Whole EggsYou should consume the whole egg if you are in dire need of calories to grow. This is one of the best bulking food that can’t be beaten, with 5-6 grams of protein and fat in each tiny egg with prices as low as a dollar a dozen in some supermarkets. The yolk contains healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats, half the egg protein, and a variety of essential amino acids and vitamins not found in egg white.

Ground Beef

Ground Beef Ground beef is also a very good bulking food that might not be as appealing as a fine steak, but it gets the job done when it comes to bulking up cheaply. It has 6-7 grams of protein per raw ounce, varies in fat content based on leanness, and costs less than two dollars a pound. If you’re concerned about saturated fat levels, there’s a way to make fatty meat leaner—Fry the meat and strain it through a sieve. High calorie meals for bulking are crucial!

In this first phase, you can get rid of some fat by pouring it elsewhere. Turn on the faucet and run water over the steak for a few minutes. Turn and toss the meat in the strainer while the water runs over it to filter out the fat. Finally, spread out paper towels on the counter and pour the steak over them to remove even more fat. The towels soak up the remaining fat from the sifting process, leaving you with much leaner beef.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products Dairy products have a negative reputation for muscle building, but whole milk has long been a favorite bulking food for your lean muscle to get some weight. It has 8-9 grams of protein and fat per cup and is usually priced around three dollars (16 cups) per gallon. Dairy products are excellent muscle building foods for skinny guys who have trouble gaining weight. 7 days protein shake diet results are very impressive in gaining weight!


OatsOats are another good bulking food with a carbohydrate source. A cup contains about 50 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber. They are incredibly adaptable and comfortable, in addition to being inexpensive. Unlike potatoes, rice, or other healthy muscle-building carbs, you can take dried, ready-to-eat oats anywhere.

While supplements shouldn’t be the focus of your money, whey protein is one of the best investments you can make in your body. Whey powders typically contain around 25 grams of protein per serving, and at only $5 per pound (15 servings), they offer the best value per available gram of protein.


CarbsCarbohydrates are abundant in potatoes and oats, but bananas are a cheap and delicious alternative. A single banana has about 30 grams of carbs, and the price per pound is usually always under a dollar. Mix a banana with a post-workout whey protein shake for a fast-digesting combination of carbs and protein.

If you’re trying to build muscle on a budget, avoid the low-carb trend and eat a significant amount of carbs at breakfast and around workout time. Potatoes are one of the best and cheapest foods to eat to bulk up. A medium-red potato contains 25-30 grams of carbohydrates.


TunaDespite rising food prices, a can of tuna costs less than a dollar and contains 25 grams of very lean protein. You can also get twice the calories at no extra cost by buying tuna packed in oil. Canned tuna is last but not least on this list of muscle-building meals.

Best Ways To Gain Weight

Best Ways To Gain WeightWhether it’s more than the three best meals for bulking a day or lots of snacking, every eating opportunity is an opportunity to support your weight gain goals and get a skinny, muscular body. Eating more at each meal and eating more frequently is one of the easiest ways to increase your calorie intake, and in that way, you can bulk up fast. When you sit down for a meal, eat until you are full, even if you are full.

Low-Volume Foods

Low-Volume FoodsLow-volume foods pack a lot of calories into a small amount of food, allowing you to get a lot more energy without overheating. It will be much easier to get more energy in a smaller container than trying to eat salads, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food. Many good bulking foods can help you meet your higher nutritional needs. Extracting components from whole foods, like oils, proteins, and sugars, is a simple technique to get concentrated macros that can provide a significant caloric intake without taking up a lot of space. It also helps you fine-tune your diet by choosing the bulking foods that are most beneficial for your health and needs. Diet to gain weight for skinny guys must have high calories!

Eating In Bulk

Eating In BulkIt would help if you ate more to bulk up, but the amount of protein you eat is also crucial. Protein is the building block for much of your body, especially your lean mass. Therefore, increasing your protein consumption is usually required to build muscle mass. Additionally, high protein intake helps prevent fat gain during a calorie surplus, making it a necessity for lean mass. A month-long study comparing a 1,000-calorie overfeed with 20 percent protein versus 10 to 14 percent protein found that higher protein intake resulted in about half the fat gain — the high-protein group gained 2.5 pounds of fat compared to the lower protein group 4.5 kilos.

Results Expectation

Results Expectation

Results don’t come quickly, and healthy bulking up isn’t something you can do in a few weeks and expect long-term results. Consistency is the most important and the most difficult aspect of sticking to a nutritional plan. Not surprisingly, studies show that consistency is one of the most important keys to success. After all, there is no progress, growth, or change without consistency. That’s why it’s important to choose the best foods for bulking and continue eating them in a balanced way. Build a strong foundation, often exercise, and focus on eating well most of the time. Then be patient and wait for your results.

Workout Routine To Bulk Up

Workout Routine To Bulk UpIt’s important to understand why you’re in the gym. Yes, we understand your goal is to bulk up if you have a skinny lean body, but your results will be limited at best without a well-planned exercise program. To develop a highly successful strength training routine, use the recommendations below or ask a personal trainer at the gym to create a customized training plan that meets your goals. Different types of sets workout also help in gaining weight as a male!

Compound exercises should focus on your strength training program if you want to bulk up fast. You can use bulk up foods. Compound workouts target most muscle fibers, while isolated exercises like bicep curls and leg extensions are perfect for fine-tuning. As a result, the body produces more anabolic hormones (testosterone and growth hormone), resulting in significantly better muscle-building results.

The best exercises to do in the gym are following

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench press
  • Push-ups
  • Rows
  • Military press
  • Pull-ups

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't healthily gain weight, you need to eat good bulking foods in a balanced quantity. If you have a skinny lean body, you should consult a nutritionist and start bulking up. You should also do exercises which help you in gaining weight.
Skinny guys can gain muscle with a high protein diet, but you have to balance it with other nutrients. Some of the best bulking foods are proteins. But carbohydrates are also a very good source of bulking up. If you want to gain weight, you should also have other bulking foods.
If you want to gain weight, you need at least 500 more calories than your normal intake then you should be able to gain weight. If you want to do it quickly, you have to take 100 more calories than your normal intake. But you also have to burn out some calories because you do not want excess fat on your body in the process of gaining weight.


In the end, you still need to follow the basic healthy eating guidelines that have been established for each individual. Without the extra baggage that comes with daily overeating, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats will work for you. If you have a skinny, muscular body, you can easily gain weight by eating good bulking foods because you already have a muscular body, and you need some extra calories. But if you have a skinny lean body, you have to increase your daily calorie intake significantly, so you need to look for the best foods for bulking to gain weight and make your body look perfect. It’s time to start building muscle one bite at a time.

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