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7-Day Protein Shake Diet Results-Best Meal Plan For weight Loss

7-Day Protein Shake Diet Results

Meal-changing diet plans are opted for by individuals going to the gym or dreaming of having a slim, strong, and perfect body. It usually comprises of meal plan with protein shakes consumed by the users that help reduce weight, eliminating the intake of carbs and fats. But are 7-day protein shake diet results effective? The answer is Yes. 

They help reduce weight when used alone. The daily routine meal can add weight to your body. This handy guide suits you best to get a perfect protein shake diet plan with guaranteed results. So follow the shake diet plan with high protein content meals rather than carbs and fats to get the desired protein shake diet results

7-Day Protein Shake Diet Results

What Are Protein Shakes

As the name indicates, protein shakes are drinkable products rich in proteins. It acts as a dietary supplement with rare amounts of carbs and fats and high protein content to make your body dependent on a single nutrient, causing stomach fullness, leading to no extra eating, and reducing body weight. It provides high protein content to the body and may help you to lose weight if opted for a meal-changing diet plan, eliminating major meal portions of carbs and fats with proteins. 

Protein Shakes Types

Protein Shakes Types

Best Protein Shakes for weight loss are available in two major forms: powder form, mixed with milk or water, and taken pre-and post-workout. 

The other type is a premade a protein drink diet ready to use. These lose weight shakes are very effective you can use any of them as per your desired criteria or choice. Even though these protein diet shakes as meal replacement are also categorized based on various factors, each has its specialty. You can have a plant or animal-based protein shake with fast or slow protein release capability.  

Other types may include; 


Type – powder protein

Protein Source– animal (milk) 

Protein content-80% protein 

Absorption– slow  


Type powder protein  

Protein Source– animal (milk) 

Protein content-11% to 15% protein 

Concentrated content-25% to 89% protein 

Cost– expensive 


Type– powder protein  

Nature– plant-based (vegan protein powder) 

Protein content– 36%-56% protein based on a dry weight 

Unique factor– lactose-free.  


Type– powder protein  

Nature- plant-based  

Protein content– 24% protein  

Digestion– easy 

Benefits Of  Lean Protein Shakes

Enhance Metabolism And Weight Loss

Enhance Metabolism and Weight Loss

Proteins enhance metabolism, and a good metabolism also helps maintain perfect body weight. Protein cause fullness of the stomach, preventing the excessive use of carbs and fats, leading to a reduction in body weight. Carbohydrates take more time to digest, and fats take even more than that, but the body easily digests the case of protein. Taking the best shakes to lose weight instead of daily meal items will make you slim and strong. 

Reduce Appetite

Reduce Appetite

Once the appetite is reduced, you won’t feel hungry, and the body will keep utilizing the stored body fats, which will reduce body weight. 

Ease Of Availability

Ease of Availability

Nowadays, it is the most common drink used by gym users and is available in most marketplaces. You can select any type and nature of the product with desired protein content to get yourself in shape. 

Add Up Muscles

Add Up Muscles

Individuals who have gone through muscle loss can use good protein shakes for weight and muscle gain. But how? As we discussed, does it reduces weight? It’s quite simple. If used alone can cause a reduction in reducing weight; keeping your meal diet the same and adding protein shake meal replacement will provide high calories to your body that will help in muscle build-up. 

Perfect Solution For Night Cravings

Perfect Solution for Night Cravings

Professionals do not recommend eating late at night because it can add extra weight to your body but then how to avoid your craving for the protein shakes are considered best, which not only curb your hunger but also get you to help with a lean body mass. 

Make The Bones Strong

Make the Bones Strong

Taking protein shakes can help you strengthen your bones and reduce osteoporosis, especially in females that cause bone fractures. According to published data, protein intake can lower the chances for such diseases as they help absorb calcium, leading to strong bones. 

Protein Shake Cautious

Protein Shake Cautious

  • Protein shakes with high sugar content can increase spike in blood sugar which is considered unhealthy.  
  • Taking without modifying your daily meal leads to weight gain instead of weight loss. 
  • Excess to everything is hamful. When protein shake is taken in excess, it can lead to heart arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and other heart problems. 
  • A protein shake may result in high acidity and high levels of saturated fats in the body, causing unhealthy conditions. 
  • Protein shakes containing heavy metals and toxins are also harmful to health and show the side effects at a later stage of life.  
  • Too much intake of protein powders can lead to headaches, cramps, nausea, and bloating.  
  • So, keep using the product within the desired limit to avoid overdose effects and hypersensitivity issues. 
  • Rely on a single nutrient 
  • It’s easy to start with a protein shake, but later on, you will get bored by taking the same shake again and again and not be able to enjoy other food items with rich nutrients. So lack of sustainability makes it a bit unapproachable diet to opt for. 

Protein Shakes That Replace The Meal

_Protein Shakes That Replace the Meal

Choosing protein shakes can be tricky as you may get a high sugar content shake that will require fewer nutrients than the desired ones. Choosing a best time to drink protein shake for meal replacement to lean your body mass effectively without harmful effects is necessary. 

The FDA does not always approve a premade shake you are purchasing, and we suggest buying the one that is health safe and approved by the FDA. Opt for the following protein shakes to carry out your workout and reduce weight to replace your meals.   

According to various researches and customer reviews, 1 week protein shake diet weight loss results can be opted as the best meal replacement shake for diet plan including; 

  • Bio Trust Low-Carb 
  • Slim fast advanced protein shake 
  • Evolve plant-based protein shake 
  • Orgain organic meal replacement protein plan 
  • Premier Shake protein Diet Plan 
  • Ripple vegan protein shake 
  • Labrada whey protein shake 
  • Iconic grass-fed meal replacement Diet Plan
  • Premier Protein Shake Diet Plan 

How Does The Protein Shake Diets Work

How Does The Protein Shake Diet Work

A weight loss protein shake diet works by adjusting the body’s nutritional needs to be dependent on a few nutrients with high protein content, limiting the intake of carbs and fats. They may also contain other nutritional items like fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals, but a protein shake’s main target is to limit carbs and fats.  

It’s clear that the diet seems to be boring, but it’s worth enough to reduce your body weight. It reduces the appetite and the body functions based on protein content. High protein intake leads to stomach fullness and no food cravings, which is the leading cause of weight reduction as the body utilizes the stored carbs and fats when required because you aren’t providing it in this case.  

To opt for the best protein shake diet to lose weight, you need to know your body’s protein requirement as you cannot provide an excess amount that can be harmful. Find the required protein content by using a simple formula discussed below. 

How To Calculate Required Protein Content

How to Calculate Required Protein Content

For a normal adult, take your weight value and multiply it by 3 to get the required protein content. For instance, let me consider my weight, i.e., 120 pounds. To convert the weight into kilograms, divide it by 2.2. (120/2.2= 54kg) multiply the resultant weight by 3, and you get 162 gm. It’s the desired value for protein your body daily needs. 

7- Days Protein Shake Diet Meal Plan


Day 1  Protein shake  Lean meat or hummus or low-fat cheese  Protein shake  Blueberries (fruit) or dried fruit, or yogurt  Any meal of your choice or protein shake on other days 
Calories  300 calories  100 calories  200-300 calories  ½ cup  400-500 calories 
Note: Repeat the same diet with choices available for 7 days to see the results.7 day weight loss high protein diet containing meals eliminating with high carb and fat intake. 

7 day protein shake diet – Meal Plan

7-Day Protein Shake Diet Results - Meal Plan

The 7 day protein shake diet results cause weight reduction, You can do weight loss with protein shakes as meal replacement. Which you can get by measuring a weight balance because the caloric content is reduced with no weight-gaining items in the chart. You can lose up to 9.5 pounds by following the 7-day protein diet to lose weight. The value can change based on other factors like workouts, exercises, etc., enhancing weight loss. If you observe a weight loss, 7-day Slimfast results, you can carry it out till you get the desired weight you dream of. 

Alternatives To The Protein Shake Weight Loss Diet

Alternatives to the 7- Day Protein Shake (1)

If you work out and attempt to keep fit, protein is a vital ingredient in your diet. The simplest and easiest method to accomplish this is to purchase a bottle of whey protein. Aside from the unpleasant taste, whey protein powder are also chemically separated. 

It indicates that the protein has been transformed from its original condition, and our bodies cannot absorb and extract the greatest advantage from it. Here are some natural and healthy protein shake options. 

Whole Grain Toasts

_Whole Grain Toasts_ (1)

High in carbohydrates and proteins, this lunch is everything you need after working out. This simple breakfast has several health advantages due to its high concentration of complex carbs, organic protein, and essential fats. 

This combination of essential nutrients is ideal for muscle development and glycogen replenishment. As a result, it is one of the greatest protein shake choices for your post-workout program. 



Eggs are among the greatest protein shake as meal replacement and are frequently used as a protein source. A medium-sized egg has around 5.7 g of protein. Many people believe that protein is solely present in egg whites, whereas the yolk is high in fat. 

However, the yolk contains around half of the egg’s protein composition. When you consume the whole egg, including the whites and yolk, you receive a full amount of protein and other nutrients like beneficial omega-3 fats and cholesterol. 


_Lentils (1)

Lentils are a staple in every Indian home. They are high in fiber, iron, and other minerals and protein. Lentils, which provide 9 g of protein every half-cup meal, are ideal for controlling blood sugar fluctuations. The good thing about them is that they are edible in various ways. You may have your standard bowl of a deal and vegan meatballs or put them in a salad. 



Sardines and tuna, for example, are high in protein. An ounce of these fish includes over 7 grams of actual food protein and a ton of omega-3 fatty acids, ensuring that the proteins are correctly digested in your body. Sardines can also help alleviate discomfort after a good workout by lowering inflammation in your muscles. You may either eat a nice dish of grilled salmon or toss some into your salad, and you will be fine. 

Oats With Chia Seeds

Oats with Chia Seeds_

It combines the best of all worlds. Both chia seeds and oats are high in protein. Overnight oats are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of preparation, even on busy days, and the numerous advantages. Chia seeds are abundant in fiber, protein, calcium, and omega-3s and provide g of protein every half-cup meal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By drinking protein shakes twice a day for 1 week, you can lose 9.5 pounds. It is not a superior value; you can lose even more if you follow a strict protein diet with weight loss workouts.
It suppresses appetite and provides nutrients during the day's working time, enhancing fat burning. According to the protein shake diet plan, the best time to have a protein shake is morning and afternoon, usually at breakfast and lunch. Some professionals also suggest it at dinner time, but the most common usage is in the mid-morning and afternoon time.
You can add fruits, veggies, milk, yogurt or almonds, etc., to your protein shake for weight loss. You can try out some made protein shakes recipes for reducing weight with some additional nutritional items except for high cards and fats.

Final Verdict: 7  Day Protein Shake Diet Results

At the end of this handy and informative guide, we hope you might have gone through all the important sections like the 7-day protein diet plan for weight loss results that will help you reduce more than 09 pounds in a week. Keep in mind to purchase the best weight loss shake that is FDA approved and contains low sugar levels. You can also choose various types from our types sections and nature and protein content as per desired criteria.  

A liquid protein shake diet for weight loss proves to bear extraordinary results +. Still, each functionality depends upon the method of use, so for weight loss, use it as a replacement diet to lower the carb and fat intakes and enhance the protein intake. If you are bored by the premade weight loss shakes, you can either go for a homemade protein shake or multiple alternatives are present to be opted instead of a protein shakes diet plan, which also helps provide high protein content for weight loss.

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